6 reasons The Great Gatsby might just be too big to fail

Daisy channeling her inner Frank Ocean

Daisy channeling her inner Frank Ocean

I don’t normally get nervous about film releases but … I’m nervous about The Great Gatsby. Because the source material is seriously great – and great in a way that’s sometimes underplayed because it’s so ‘I read this at school and I just so love the green light metaphor’ – and previous adaptations have been … well, they’ve been made. And there’s just been so much publicity and date shifting and I sure hope it’s been worth it. So let’s take a hopeful gander through the most promising aspects of Gatsby.

1) Beyonce’s Back to Black is just great, thanks.

Whatever you do in your life, do not check the comments underneath any YouTube videos for the song. It’s just not worth it. Anyway, it’s so cool how this cover fits the feel of the film so well. So well that you might think it was covered especially for the film. Oh, right. If we’re at it though, my FAVOURITE comment is this one:

‘Beyoncé was amazing but that guy needs to go’

Ugh, yeah. That guy, Andre 3000. Such a hassle.

2) Florence’s Over the Love is superb

Well, I guess she does love the green light metaphor. This is industrial strength Florence which – depending on how you feel about her particular style of ethereal pop- will be gold dust, or just … dust, to you. Somewhere, I think on NPR, where the soundtrack was played first the review wrote that Sia, Lana Del Rey and Florence were the ‘It’ girls of the moment. Which, sure. But I feel that the fact that Florence has two very solid albums under her belt, a few great singles and a couple of covers qualifies her for something slightly more than ‘It’ girl.

3) Lana del Rey’s Young and Beautiful is superbest

This is very Lana, and very Gatsby, and also just very good. It’s been my most played from the album and is a YouTube favourite. Listen, luxuriate:


4) Baz Luhrmann’s previous soundtracks have been pretty good, I guess

By which I mean, I was obsessed with the You and Me song for most of my childhood. Also the soundtrack for Romeo + Juliet got to like number 2 in the charts which is pretty damn decent.

5) Tobey Maguire is the secret weapon

Trust me on this one. He made Spider Man. Leo is brill, ditto Carey but I love love love Maguire and Nick Carraway is a pretty darn cool character. Even if you don’t like him, he’s an intriguing narrator and … this is a music website so whatever. Let’s take a look at one of Spider Man’s finest soundtrack moments:

6) It’s all just so exciting, right?

How often do we get to be so excited over the release of a film? Well, fairly often (The Avengers, Hunger Games … Harry Potter?) but it’s still so exciting when it actually happens. But no matter how excited you get, you’re probably not as big a Gatsby lover as this guy:


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