6 absolute gems from the final O.C album

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Ha! That’s what we all did pre-iPhone selfie capablity

1) California – Mates of State

It’s hard to cover an iconic song. And it’s weirder when your cover is being featured on the show that made the original song iconic. But you’ve got to hand it to Mates of State for adding their signature light touch to the indie-rock-pop song. While we’re at it: Phantom Planet are the bomb. I used to listen to The Guest over and over. And Jason Schwartzman was the drummer until 2003. Jason. Schwartsman. Drummer.

2)Hello Sunshine – Syd Matters

It amuses me that Syd Matters, who are french, covered a Welsh band’s song, for totally bizarro, probably racially stereotypical reasons that verge on unacceptable. Anyway the cover is totally dreamy and you can enjoy it in the safety of knowing that Super Furry Animals never gave into Coca-Cola.

3) Smile Like You Mean It – Tally Hall

God, The O.C was literally my complete and utter jam music-wise. Tally Hall are sick-to-the-nines and if you’re not part of their ‘relatively significant cult following’ (Wikipedia’s words not mine) then join the cult. Smile Like You Mean It is a song by a band with a slightly bigger cult following. Anyway people have covered The Killers’ song for, well since they’ve put out consistently amazing tracks.

4) Float On – Goldspot

Jeez, what happened to Goldspot? Amazingly Brilliant Fact of the day: Goldspot were the first band ever to play London’s O2 arena. And I still can’t remember the name of their second album (if they even had one?). Though according to The Times, Goldspot were ‘the best band to come out of America in years.’

5) Wasted – Pinback

This was originally a song by … Black Flag, maybe? Look, I’m tired and I’ve been working all day and I have rehearsals in a half hour and I should probably be half way through a glass or … anything a la Marissa Cooper. Anyway, I like it! A lot. It starts laid back and then snozzles it way into a rock n roll angst track in its last minute. And look, it’s main refrain is ‘I was so wasted’ and it’s called wasted and I think we can all relate to this one way or another. And if you can’t, it’s time to re-evaluate your life.

6) Can’t Get It Out Of My Head – John Paul White

This is originally ELO who, well, do they get enough praise? Actually in the grand scheme of things, they probably get just the right amount of praise. But this cover is groundstompingly good. There are a few Summer and Seth OTP videos set to it, too. Does he slur a little? Maybe. Would I perhaps send him to some elocution lessons? If I were Victorian, definitely. Should I stop writing now? Yeah byeeeee.


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