Green Garden – Laura Mvula

She is just dominating my iTunes playcount right now

She is just dominating my iTunes playcount right now

I may be late to the party, but Laura Mvula is certainly all that she has been hyped to be. Green Garden has me belting out Soul hooks like there’s no tomorrow.

Laura has an amazing modesty about her. The former secretary tells of her near crippling stage fright, yet this apparently shy demeanour is shattered when she gets behind a mic and starts singing. Her voice is unreal, and I love the sincerity there seems to be in each note. Here on Green Garden she has me finger snapping even as I type (really hard to do.)

This song is helped by the fact that I absolutely adore the backing scales. There’s just something fun about the xylophone! Her voice cuts in from the very off and laces the track with an extra layer of class. She bounces off the music, and if anything her voice just rings out over it all. The beat is a real foot stamper, and as Laura invites me to go sit in the Green Garden with her, I can’t help but smile. Oh, and at about 1:55 when she says that she’ll “fly on the wings of a butterfly”, I am yet to listen without belting that out. Try it for yourself.

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