Ryan Gosling has a folk duo, all other men even more inadequate

We get it Ryan, you're just perfect. Brilliant.

We get it Ryan, you’re just perfect. Brilliant.

Ryan Gosling may as well just be the only male on the planet right now. He now has a cool folk band too. Read on as I try to cope with the fact that my girlfriend loves Ry Ry more than she will ever really love me (but seriously, that’s not cool Sylvie).

Dead Man’s Bones is the artistic musical love child of Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields, and hey, they’re pretty good. I mean they’re not the greatest band I’ve ever heard, but 2 observations. 1 They are still a hell of a lot better than I could ever be, and 2, Ryan freakin’ Gosling is in it. The man just wins pretty much.

So yeah, their music. Pretty standard folksy outfit here, I realise that it’s really lazy to just compare them to Mumford and Sons but they do have  similar vibes. Maybe a bit more low key, a bit sombre, but still nice stuff. Name In Stone particularly caught my attention, and it has a lovely melody to it that echoes the gravelly tones of Ryan.


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