Why HIMYM revealed Mrs Ted Mosby perfectly


After 8 seasons of my favourite show, we finally, thank the Lord, have met Ted’s wife, our titular Mother. To all viewers, hear my take on the end of the 8th and penultimate season. To everyone else, check the sweet Shins song at the end.

So we finally did it. After a wonderful (mostly) 8 seasons of gags, will they won’t theys (here’s looking at you, Ted and Robin) and enough legen – waitforitbutyoushouldknowwhatscoming – daries to shake a stick at, we have now met the mother. But she wasn’t all this episode was about. Far from it, she’s our hook for the next season. So why did they reveal her as they did?

I know a lot of people, Michael included, are not fans of the dragged out Ted and Robin saga. But without it, Ted wouldn’t be the wonderful romantic that he is. There’s something that never lets go of Robin within him, that’s what leaves him totally lost and alone in New York. That’s what makes seeing his best friend marry the girl he loves so incredibly hard. So there had to be one last bit of heartbreak here, before Ted can meet his wife to be. And I like that we met her before he did. There’s something nice knowing that our last season with this wonderful cast will watch Ted try, and eventually succeed, in winning this girl over. And let us all pray that she has the same boot size as Lily! For the fans, relive the moment below, for everyone else, that’s the Shins with their Simple Song perfectly accompanying the scene.

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