Airglow Fires – Lone


He may look like he works at PC World, but Lone is one of England’s  finest producers, and after the noodly odyssey that was 2012’s ‘Galaxy Garden’, he’s back with a follow up on old favourites R&S.

Lone’s distinctive sound is one that has evolved over time, from the Dilla inspired beats of his first record, ‘Ecstasy And Friends’, to the ambient electronics of ‘Emerald Fantasy Tracks’, and culminating in the rave-synths and xylophone runs on ‘Galaxy Garden’. With ‘Airglow Fires’, Lone seems to have pared back his sound, opting to leave more space rather than layer on extra textures, harking back to his earlier records by letting the Dilla-sampled beat speak for itself and the keys slowly build.

‘Airglow Fires’ definitely isn’t revolutionary, but with it’s squelchy synths, tantalising build-ups and come-downs and jazzified swing beats, it does exactly what electronic music should do – make you dance.

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