Julian – Say Lou Lou

There's a whole lot of sass here

There’s a whole lot of sass here

Deep House has become my new Acoustic folk tunes, so Say Lou Lou come in and stomp all over my mellow playlist with their housetacular Julian.

Say Lou Lou have been making waves on the house scene, with their easy synth and sweet hooks, and here they triumph with Julian. There’s a lot to like from the duo, whom I have limited info on (any comments more than welcome!). What I do know about these two lovely ladies is that they make absolutely banging music.

Julian has a lot to like about it. There are some sweet vocals coming out of this to go along with the easy hooks. This is a pretty mellow tune, as much as it has house vibes to it. You can jam along to this, but I see it being more of a slow burner on lazy summer car journeys. Enjoy

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