The 8 Best Indie Summer Songs

Hunter S Thompson

He knows how to Summer

If you’re a Jack Kerouac or Hunter S Thompson reader, you need your indie summer playlist ASAP for your coming life-affirming misadventures over the next few months. Thankfully we’ve got eight tracks to get you on your way.

8. Society – Eddie Vedder

I genuinely feel like this is the most obvious way to kick off any indie summer playlist. If you’ve seen Into The Wild, you’ll know exactly why. If you haven’t, go watch Into The Wild already!

7. If The Hudson Overflows – Goldspot

This may have been released in November and be about flooding but the relaxed vocals and turned down guitar chords make for a perfect BBQ tune.

6. Perfect Games – The Broken West

“And we chase heartbreak” –  The story of every summer romance as beautifully expressed by The Broken West.

5. Rootless – Youngblood Hawke

Youngblood Hawke just have such a summer sound. Carefree vocal harmonies and gentle keyboards will get you smiling in seconds.

4. New Local – Filligar

Filligar take you to a place of quiet reflection after a night gone wrong before building you up to get up and go do it all again.

3. You & I – Crystal Fighters

Crazily cheerful and with a highly peculiar video, this is a perfect pick me up after one too many Sangrias.

2. Don’t Want This To End – Jarrod Gorbel

But it has to! Summer draws to a painful close over Jarrod Gorbel’s longing ballad.

1. College – Rogue Wave

This one is just sooo good. Driving guitars and an unerring beat make for a proper indie summer ballad that will be on repeat each and every time you walk out and bask in (hopefully) a beautiful summer.

And if you’ve enjoyed these eight, we’ve got a whole bunch of other summer playlists for you to get your paws on!

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