8 things going to college has taught me about music


Kids' choice these days

Kids’ choice these days

If music be the food of love, students listen to a lot of cereal. But seriously, a lot of Macklemore and dodgy House music await you at university.

1) People really like Macklemore …

Which, look, I get. We featured him a year ago. People enjoy rap, and EDM and Macklemore ties them together with a big pop bow. But goodness, there are more exciting pop artists that could have dominated more recently, aren’t there? Even Rihanna is producing cooler beats (actually, I have no right to preface that with ‘even’ as she’s probably one of more radical pop artists we have). But seriously, go listen to some new Paramore! Or Iggy Azalea. Give Miley Cyrus a try. I’m almost joking.

2) And Disclosure

Which is more exciting! Props to them for getting so big.

3) Other people’s music taste sucks

I don’t know what I expected but maybe having always surrounded myself with people who are interested in music, and surrounded by a London scene raised my expectation, but man, some people. For a good chunk of the year, people listened to PSY’s Gangnam Style unironically. And look, it’s got a cool foundation beat. And K-pop is fun. But evolve. (I think I wrote this mid-exams so excuse any bluntness).

4) Some people’s music taste is pretty damn good

One of the coolest thing about meeting new people – except the sense that you might not be crushed by an eternal sense of loneliness (heavy sarcasm) – is that they’re not all stupid. Most are pre

5) Forget what you thought about ‘college music’

Seriously, where’s the fucking Radiohead man? I thought we were all supposed to get high and just sit around watching documentaries while listening to deep U2 cuts.

6) You are going to lie at least six times about music during your first week

‘Yeah, tell me more about your band.’

‘Awesome, I’d love to hear your House dubstep remix of Adele’

‘Yes! I love acapella’

7) Your music intake will double

Because you’ll be studying in the library a lot. And in your room. And when you’re getting ready to get out. You know what makes those all more bearable? Hearty sessions of Robyn.

8) Noone cares about that remix you found on Soundcloud

‘Oh hey, Henry, I love that Phoenix remix you found on Soundcloud.’ – said no-one, ever. Some recent efforts that have fetched no-one’s approval:



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