Interview: Say Lou Lou


So girls, can you explain to us how Say Lou Lou came into existence? Had you always dreamed of releasing music or did it happen kind of out of the blue?

Say Lou Lou started the day we were born… Haha! No, but we have always been around music; our parents and all of our uncles work with music and theater so it’s something that’s been in our lives always. However pursuing it professionally was never really the plan, it sort of just happened after fooling around in the studio last year. It sort of chose us in the end.

Your music has a sort of ethereal sound and each song tells a real story. How do you go about the songwriting process?

We tend to think of our songs as narratives so building up the scenery and mood with lyrics and sounds are a really big part of our process. It is like writing the script for a film to us.

A few of your songs like Julian and Maybe You have been remixed. Do you enjoy the remixes and welcome other artists to chop and change them?

It’s fantastic to see how people can take your songs and drive them in completely different directions: interpreting them so differently and making them their own, also adding dimensions that you never had been able to create yourself. So yes, remix away!!

How is the concert side of things going? Do you get nervous on stage and what have the shows you’ve played so far been like?

We are developing with every gig we do. We started out last year pretty much never having sung on stage before, so it’s been an ongoing learning process for us this year. Learning to just stand there without shaking or tripping over, then to actually singing and then to conveying a message with confidence. It will probably take a lifetime to reach one’s full potential.

Have you had the chance to meet any other famous artists or creative figures that have impressed you? Who is someone you would really like to meet?

We meet creative and amazing musicians, songwriters and producers every day and they all impress us in different ways, and you learn something from every interaction. We are new to this profession and their experiences have taught us a lot. Who would we love to meet? Ah… so many. Bowie.. Bush…Nicks.. Buckley (RIP).. the list goes on.

What do plans in the near future look like? I know Julian was recently released but are you looking ahead to an album or a tour of any kind? 

We will be writing and writing and writing for the album the coming months, with an exception of a few shows in Sweden and the US. No summer holidays for us…

I personally think 2013 will be a big year for you. Where do you want to be by 2015?

Making our second album.

From Can You Hear This, we love your music and wish you the best of luck in the future!

How lovely! Thank you!

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