The Best Summer Songs

 Best Summer Songs

25 more perfectly aligned summer tunes, from your favourite indie, rock and pop artists.

Because everyone (mainly us) enjoyed our last post about the 25 best summer songs, we’d thought we’d load you up with 25 more for your playlists. Because now that summer’s in full-swing in England, there’s no better time to blast out music related to living in California!

1) Everybody’s Gonna Get High – Grouplove

H: We started out last post with a Grouplove song, so touch wood this one will go down as well. I’ve just come back from three weeks in Florence and this was played alot. It’s from the Girls soundtrack and it’s brilliant – everything you’d expect from a Grouplove song with a touch more moodiness – and we should play it all summer long.  As I get older (I’m aware that I still don’t pay taxes) I appreciate chilled out summer tunes more and more because you can’t bob your head to Nicki Minaj while drinking a G&T. Also popular: Tonguetied.

2) Stay – Rihanna (Branchez Bootleg)

H: This has genuinely quadrupled in views since I last checked it out ad it’s not surprising. It takes Rihanna’s original, strips away that clunky duet and turns into something electronically majestic. It is tailor-made for late-night barbeque sessions.

M: I really, really like this. This trap spin on my favourite of Rihanna’s new songs is just pretty awesome.

3) Moon Over Japan – Ghost Beach

H: Our perennial favourites move in for the pop-cultural kill, raising their game with a synth-laiden, piece of sophisti-kit pop. Michael, this is a major upgrade from a band that was already producing pretty great music, right?

M: It feels odd to talk about Ghost Beach upgrading  their sound before their first album even drops but Henry, you are definitely right. How many gears do they have to move in to!?

4) Right Action – Franz Ferdinand

M: The awesome vintage-style video and it’s infectious beat makes for a good summer song and even better return for Franz Ferdinand after their recent years in a seemingly self-imposed exile.

5) Out of Place – Waz

M: WAZ’ (or WAZ’s?) laid-back ballads aren’t all that unique but his gentle vocals are just what you need when what you need is a nice long summer nap.

6) Falling – HAIM (Duke Dumont)

M: I actually had the pleasure of seeing Duke Dumont (before he blew up this summer) at a uni clubbing night and he totally crushed it so I have a total hotspot for him. This remix of HAIM’s best song makes for a perfect summer-tanning tune.

H: When are Haim going to blow up? I’m waiting so patiently.

7) Hare Tarot Lies – No Joy

M: The thing about drug and alcohol induced trips is that the season isn’t really all that important; it’s going to be great and then it’s going to be shocking, whatever the weather. Chances are, as a reader of Can You Hear This, you’re going to have AT LEAST one of these nights this summer so this song feels apt.

H: Lol okay. I like that in a comment about getting high and drunk, you still manage to use a semi-colon. 

8) Make It Bun Dem – Skrillex & Damian Marley

M: I won’t lie to you and pretend that either of these artists are anywhere near my usual thing. Like, I really just haven’t got into Reggae and Bangarang is pretty much the worst thing ever but FUCK, this is such a massive beast of a song. Next time you want a song for smoking ludicrous amounts weed, this is it.

H: Like, I honestly think this is fucking dreadful. What’s wrong with some Beach House?

9) Carried Away – Passion Pit

H: I know you reviewed Gossamer last summer (time flies!) but this is golden. The video has been picking up buzz – 3D writing! Brooke from One Tree Hill! – and rightly so. It’s the sort of tune that’s different enough to be original but familiar enough to bob along to on your first listen.

M: My mum and girlfriend hate number 8 just as much as you Henry so maybe I am the fool here. At least we both agree on the quality of this Passion Pit summer earworm.

10) Heartbeat – SEASFIRE

H: I think this is just brilliant. We interviewed the guys (check it out) and while it’s not a blaringly obvious choice for summer, it has a wickedly sweet sense of an ominous build-up that wouldn’t have been out of place on the Gatsby soundtrack. Speaking of, what did you make of the Gatsby soundtrack?

M: I loooooved the soundtrack. Still haven’t seen the movie though… Seasfire have been on my radar since We Will Wake so stoked to see them flying forward.

11) Everything is Embarrassing -Sky Ferreira (Jim-E Stack Remix) 

H: Enjoying this a lot. Sweet mesh of vocals and a pulsing beat make for good summer night music.

12) Trying To Be Cool – Phoenix

H: I know I was supposed to be excited about Daft Punk this summer but Phoenix totally get to me in a way that Daft Punk do … not. This is the best song they’ve ever produced.

13) Doubt – Delphic

H: I’ve been listening to Delphic’s 2009 album, Acoylte a lot recently and I’m a big fan of Doubt as a bit of an indie, one-two punch in the summer stomach. Add some Mancunian grit to your Pimms, yeah.

M: Their second album was shocking so I guess, in comparison, this isn’t that awful. It’s not that good either.

14) Gun – Chvrches

M: It’s bizarre to me that Chvrches haven’t yet reached pop stardom after three mind-blowingly catchy singles, seemingly destined for massive airplay on all radio stations this summer. Gun, their latest, is no exception but still strong chart performance eludes them. Henry, tell me why my favourite femtronica three piece aren’t massive yet!?

H: No clue, though I can say that my main problem with them is that it’s so damn difficult to spell their name. Nine times out of ten, I will write Chuvrches. What’s wrong with simple spelling, bands of the world?

15) Where You Stand – Travis

M: Travis are back! I’m sure there aren’t that many people who are all that excited by this news but after this, a promising Take That-esque modern pop-rock ballad, their coming album may actually bring them back to some of the lofty heights they once knew a decade ago.

H: Can’t wait till this is in the Butlins ad for next year.

16) Take Back The Night – Justin Timberlake

H: I’m trying to stay abreast with pop music so here’s me trying: This new JT track is quite nice and 80s. I like it better than nearly all of Mirrors though!

17) Babel – Mumford & Sons

H: And my pop-music follow-through. I think this is pretty great. And the video manages to wash away any of those biblical misgivings you might have about the song. Actually, I’ve come round to thinking that’s such a stupid criticism about Mumford & Songs, because what the lyrics mean to a lead singer don’t have to apply to an atheist listener. Back me up here, Michael?

M: Wholeheartedly in support here Henry. Marcus himself says the album is not a religious album and no longer deems himself a Christian so seems foolish to take a meaning that the band themselves haven’t taken either.

18) Wake Me Up – Avicii

M: God I hate myself for loving this but I really do. It’s full of cheesy vocals and even cheesier summer beats but it just sort of works. Destined to be all over clubs for the next six months and honestly, I can live with that (after all, we had fucking PSY last year).

19) On Our Way – The Royal Concept

M: We interview the Phoenix soundalikes last year and they’ve gone from strength to strength since then (almost certainly because of the Can You Hear This bump) and it’s good to see them putting out a proper summer anthem this week.


H: This is what I found as I came to do my final edit.

20 – for real) I Could’ve Been Your Girl – She & Him

H: Volume 3 is a serious step-up for the duo and I love it. It made me fall in love with Zooey all over again.

21) Duck & Cover – The Pilgrims

M: Thanks for the above parring Herny.. Anyway, I love this one, a perfect song for the end of your summer as the sun starts to disappear a little earlier and you have to get back to the real world a little bit sooner. (Do pop onto soundcloud and grab a download while you still can for freeeee).

22) Lifetime – Noah And The Whale

H: I’ve said it before (maybe, undocumented) and I’ll say it again: Noah And The Whale are the best male-fronted, British band of the moment. It drives me nuts that they don’t get as noticed as Mumford, or hell, even Bastille. Their albums are perfectly written clouds of summery bliss. Lifetime may be the single most perfect distillation about the paralysing fear of adolescence.

M: I immediately support anyone who might be able to get rid of Bastille off the radio for a second so I of course support Noah and the Whale (what happened to you Dan!?!?). The fact that Lifetime is absolutely rad makes it a whole lot easier to justify though.

23) Lathrisk – Waiting on Jack

M: I haven’t checked in on Waiting on Jack for a long time but it looks like the boys have been very busy indeed. A short and sweet serenade for a girl with great crepes and an awesome denim jacket, it’s what summer (if you’re kind of indie) is all about.

24) Let It Go – Fossil Collective

M: The beautiful video and the ever-enduring charm of Fossil Collective’s best song of their debut is perfect for quiet reflection at the end of your summers (and inevitable romances).

H: Pretty doom-laiden, in this post, Michael.

M: My romance isn’t a summer romance so it’s fine that I said that! Don’t make me look like someone who’s anti-love Henry, I love love.

25) ATM Jam – Azealia Banks ft. Pharrell

H: Not yet released in a satisfying way but this is turning into a brilliantly catchy rap-off that has dark-horse written all over it. Listen, enjoy more than Blurred Lines, maybe not as much as Get Lucky.



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