Blue and Gold drop their debut EP

Side profiles always add that air of mystery

Side profiles always add that air of mystery

Blue and Gold have come out with a brand spanking new EP via their Soundcloud, and it’s all sorts of brilliant. Think a bit of Alabama Shakes, a little 70s and a whole lot of blues.

Like some of my favourite artists, these guys started out in Brooklyn (seriously, is it something in the water there?) and the quarte -t headed by vocalists Chloe Raynes and Alex Kapelman – smash out some old school rock tunes here. There are shades of so many greats, mixing up old classics such as Led Zep and riffs worthy of Hendrix himself, and then the new wave of Rock, with the aforementioned Shakes and the all conquering Black Keys.

So what sets these guys out? I’m a big fan of the two vocalists, and  each song gets a little switch each time, with Raynes supplying some ever-cool-rock-chick notes. And Kapelman slows it all down a bit, beautifully( on “It’s Only You”, in particular). It’s a small self titled 4 piece EP, but it has the potential to make big strides in the currently thriving rock genre. Just go listen already.

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