9 Best Summer Party Songs

Best Summer Party Songs

Henry: Michael, how are you finding popular culture this summer? I was pleasantly surprised by The Wolverine when we saw it – and it seems everyone else was too.

Michael: To be perfectly honest, I’ve missed more than I should. I’m fairly sure I’m the last person on Earth not to have seen Man of Steel! That said, Wolverine was much better than I expected and I’ve been loving Ray Donovan.

H: Wolverine’s brother! For real, I re-watched Wolverine’s X-Men Origins film  the other day … yeesh. Onto happier news, and we thought we’d cover a final summer installment for the year.

M: Literally so excited that that stunning link was a happy accident! And yeah, you only need so many types of summer songs so here are the last of them.

1) Chasing Ghosts – Collin McLoughlin

M: Collin had blown me away with his vocals edits on Born and Hearbeat earlier this year but his original material is just as fresh and just as damn catchy.

2) Just One Last Time (feat. Taped Rai) – David Guetta

M: David Guetta is not my favourite chap in the music industry but Taped Rai’s delightful Swedish vocals make for one of the best choruses you’ll hear all summer.

3) Dance With Me – Ra Ra Riot

M: It’s short and sweet, with delightful synths and a jovial beat. It’s definitely enough to get you on your feet. (I sincerely want to apologise for that but I got on a roll!)

4) Take Me Home (feat. Bebe Rexha) – Cash Cash

M: Sure it’s as cheesy as the Disney Channel’s original programming (that is to say it’s very cheesy) but the charming lyric video and cute lyrics can’t help but endear me to this splash of dance floor-ready pop.

5) One Night (Vicetone Remix) – Matthew Koma

M: The Dutch duo work their magic on Matthew Koma’s chirpy melodies to create a real summer hit.

H: Sure, I guess. Someone on YouTube wants his mother to play this at his funeral.

6) Radioactive Funeral –  White Panda

H: We got sent over an extended mash up by  White Panda and you’ve got to hand it to them – they’re never boring. There’s a Katy Perry/Kendrick Lamar remix in there but it’s the No Doubt remix that really takes the cream here. So obviously, I’ve highlighted the Imagine Dragons/Band of Horses mashup because … well, listen to it. It’s pretty sweet how they’ve mixed the vocals up to try and get a drop in there and it’s growing on me. I know you’re going to have some thoughts on this.

M: This is a brave album. Not brave in the sense that it’s ground-breaking, brave in the sense that there are plenty of mash-ups here that just don’t work. The Maroon 5 and Sultan & Ned Shepard mix I really love though.


7) Armistice – Phoenix (RAC Remix)

H: This is two years old, but I’ve been playing it non-stop all over again recently. I just think it’s bloody brilliant. As YouTuber Ron Scrollins puts it: ‘i love indie remixes theyre the perfect balance of both styles.’ I love YouTube commenters, they are my absolute favourite species.

8) Carry On – Fun. (Passion Pit cover)

H: Okay, this is a kinda interlude from the rest but there’s a point here. Michael, you know how there was that stage where a group of people at parties who would get overly emotional, would always sing along really earnestly to either Queen’s We Are The Champions or Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing? It struck me the other day that Fun.’s Carry On is a natural, and maybe less affected, heir to that particular throne. Only time will tell. Anyway, Passion Pit Unexpectedly Cover-ed it and it’s certainly a more achievable singalong than the original (where are my high notes, yo!).

M: Had this one courtesy of your instagram Henry; love it! And please never remind me of that stage again, it’s just bad memories that reek of Lynx Africa.

9) American Girl – Bonnie McKee

H: I’m full on ready for you to hate this but I think it’s slightly more interesting than it may seem at first. Bonnie McKee is a mega-talented singer-songwriter (this is a video of her covering songs she’s co-written to give you some idea of her achievements) and she’s just released a single and it’s poppy enough for people to dance drunkenly to but is also curiously self-loathing. Like, surely some of these lyrics – ‘I want to buy a new heart out of a vending machine’ – can be read as a indictment of Americana culture circa 2000s. Right? Maybe? It’s definitely something more than a Taio Cruz song. Or whatever, just do some shots and sing along.

M: Honestly, I really hated this. At first. But watching this video and really listening to the song, it’s kinda great. I mean, I really hope it’s tongue-in-cheek but whatever, it’s still a good pop song.



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