The 10 Best Hangover Songs

We went out last week yo

We went out last week yo

M: So no surprises for guessing where my inspiration for this post came from. Saturday night was one of my best/worst nights in history.

H: Tell us alllllll what happened. Actually, just Whatsapp me because I too, feel slightly delicate after a fairly heavy weekend of drinking (I had two wedding ceremonies).

M: So anyway, I delved into my iTunes and built the perfect playlist for my recovery on Sunday.

H: Yeah. Sit back with a bloody Mary, get your fanciest pyjamas and sail dozily through this list.

Generator ^ First Floor – Freelance Whales

M: From the wonderfully gentle introduction to the soothing vocals, this is the most relaxing way to kick off any post-alcohol day of suffering.

H: Great song, great band. This is perfect to play in the background as you switch your coffee machine on (caffeine numbs the pain).

Vapour – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

M: I feel stupidly proud that we got an interview with Vancouver Sleep Clinic the other week and that he is doing so well. Subtle yet with a massive scope, it’s an enveloping sound that sweeps you away to distant lands in a heartbeat.

Digital Lion – James Blake + Brian Eno

M: Ammar knows his shit – “Digital Lion fuses Blake’s neo-soul verses with a swampy bassline reminiscent of the work of Coki and Mala in DMZ, whilst referencing Burial in its spacey arrangement.”

Believer – John Maus

M: I’ve written about Believer a number of times but it’s because I genuinely believe that is one of the greatest musical accomplishments of this decade thus far. So. Much. Power.

Greendale is Where I Belong – Ludwig Göransson

M: And to finish off my recovery, I need a proper pick me up and something that will always bring a smile to my face. Community = happiness in twenty minute bursts.

H: Hmmmmm, not my favourite thing ever. It’s not offensive but it’s not anything much, is it? Soft vocals, soft melody. Soft. Which is the point of this article, I guess. Maybe I’m still hungover at this point.

Soft – Washed Out

H: I guess I am a little confused because I’m literally posting a song called ‘Soft.’ It’s by Washed Out, who are just beyond, and their latest album is brilliant. Speaking of their albums, sometimes (rare-sightings mainly) contributor, Jonah, still has my copy of this album. Which is about four years old. So I’d fucking like that back thanks.

Heartbeats – Grimes

H: Bizarre lack of women on this post so let’s even that balance with a gentle handful of Grimes who is just an absolute killer with a laid-back melody and a soothing beat.

Past Present Future – Oliver Tank

H: The prettiest reminder that your situation is temporary. You will feel better after a diet coke and a four-hour long nap. You will be drinking again next Friday.

You’re So Cool – The History of Apple Pie

H: I love any song with this vaguely ironic-half-hearted-endorsement of ‘cool.’ It’s chilled, but not a yawnathon. And the band themselves are totally cute.

Hearts Like Ours – The Naked and Famous

H: New TNAF is good news for everyone and this is gentler than their last album while retaining their signature vocal bite. Behind their silky exterior lies a sharp wit.


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