A Special September: Some of This Month’s Best Tunes


For most of us September means school. Which means work. Which means a lot less fun. We can however take comfort in the fact that this month could be one of the most fruitful months for music in recent memory. With The 1975 already having released their debut album and The Weeknd providing us with his sophomore effort, some people (like me) might actually have the problem that every music fan yearns for: too much to listen to.

The 1975’s album is good. It’s really good. While some may have grown tired of the four-piece Macclesfield rockers, their sound really hits home with me for some reason. Instead of focusing on the big hit songs here is a track called Pressure that combines great lyrics with an awesome melody. It’s an example of the depth that this album holds and a great summer tune!

Next up is Abel Tesfaye a.k.a The Weeknd. While some may tire of his minimalistic hedonism I personally cannot get enough of his new album. Belong To The World is probably my favourite on the album but I’ve also fallen for the soaring vocals of Professional. Listen below.

With a host of big name releases still set to come our way this month such as Drake (Sept. 24th), Kings of Leon (Sept. 20th) and Jessie J (Sept. 23rd) it is important not to let them crowd out the releases from lesser known bands who promise to produce music of equal if not better quality. I’m thinking HAIM (Sept. 27th), Chvrches (Sept. 23rd) and Icona Pop (Sept. 24th). While we can look forward to all of these in the future, today we can stay occupied with other things. For example this beautiful and new cover of College’s A Real Hero by High Highs.

On that random note, September must just for some reason motivate people to produce great tracks. Even a group called Planet Of Sound who exist with little to no information on their identity. I think they’re a group of DJs from London. I think. Take a listen to We Are Together, a song that has been on repeat since it came out:

Then of course if you’re mainstream (none of us are, obviously. That would be so uncool) there’s that new Coldplay song. I know Coldplay divide opinion but I love them. Here’s their new tune Atlas

So that’s me just grazing the surface of what’s happening this September. Gosh, I’m excited but also skeptical. Even though I feel like Drake may let me down I always have the new London Grammar album to listen to. That’s the attitude I believe is healthiest. Whoever you like, whatever you like, and however you like it, enjoy what this September has to offer because there is definitely something in there for everyone. It’s just up to you to find it.

PS – We’d love to hear your favourite tunes this month. Drop us a line or comment below!

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