A few words about Nepheww

Let this psychedelic intro pic just be the start

Let this psychedelic intro pic just be the start

Sorry for the delay folks, but I’m back and bringing you all a little treat, courtesy of London beats master Nepheww, who’s already had a decent amount of exposure and love from us here, but here’s why he deserves even more.

So I have had a fairly stressful few days. Having just moved into my new place, having no internet has proved a bit of a problem writing wise. The fact that I’m also missing hot water, and my toilet is leaking, is just another great bonus. But I’m now in a Starbucks ( I hate that I’m a consumerist whore too…) stealing some wifi and chilling out thanks to Nepheww.

This South London based producer has garnered a pretty cult following as of late, performing at nights such as Heavy Signal up in Finsbury Park, and he’s set to play the Imaginary Party hosted “N O F U T U R E” event, (https://www.facebook.com/events/629637567066530/) soon enough. So what sets this house producer apart from all the other sweaty nerds making beats in their garden sheds?

For one thing these are no shed rendered beats. Each song shows a wide range of musical knowledge, and maybe that’s the best thing about his work. Whether it comes from a set of synth keys on “Just My Luck” or a steady bass line on “Ko Sira”, there is already the basis for big house love, but it’s the mixture of little Italian cameos coming from Pino Daniele in “Yes I Know My Way” that really make some of his work unique. PS that Suzanne Vega loop on Fuji Koto is unreal. Some of these tunes are chilled out, and some are perfect for pre’s, there’s enough variety in Nepheww’s arsenal to take him a long way. Check out his Soundcloud here


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