Sofar+ in Hackney

The real music fans' ideal venue hosts

The real music fans’ ideal venue hosts

On Saturday I was lucky enough to get an invite to Sofar+, a great Sofar Sounds hosted event out in Hackney. Read on as to why seeing this showcase totally showed me how gigs ought to be conducted.

First of all big BIG thanks go to Naomi, my little homie who sorted me out with tickets. Sadly she was so busy sorting everything out I never got a chance to chill with her there, but she was absolutely perfect for sorting this all out. She works at a great company called Sofar Sounds, I’ve chatted about them all before, and once again they set up a perfect show. Sadly I only managed to catch the third and final showcase, but let me write a little about each of these acts.

So you walk into this amazing warehouse venue, with views of the Olympic Park behind stage, and who comes on stage first? Annie Eve. An absurdly talented young woman from North London, she absolutely killed it here. Her beautiful, aching voice resonated with the whole crowd and had everyone vibing with her. I was lucky enough to chat to her a little after, and she was one of the most down to earth people I’ve met recently, which is doubly surprising for someone so bloody talented! In between sets of stripped back chords and ghosting vocals, she also wore the shit out of her beanie. Here is ‘Bodyweight’ which showcases her talents perfectly.

Next on stage were Thumpers, an alt pop group again coming from North London. With a huge drum on stage, their sets were defined for me by banging bass lines and then a wonderful harmony of voices between both vocalists. The contrast of the male and females notes really worked here, and a cheeky bit of audience participation via some awfully out of time hand clapping from me meant that everyone really was on it. Check their soundcloud here.

The third act who I saw was Hannah Peel, a lovely Northern Irish singer songwriter who mixed her insanely good vocals with some unreal control over a synth board. The fact that she is a composer and an arranger is evident so early on, as her works appear to be meticulously crafted, and the attention to detail and total depth of her works is what really captivated me here. CHLOE nicely contrasts her vocals to her instrumental work.

Finally, Dry The River took the stage. They have achieved some great success of recent years, being included on influential lists such as BBC’s Sound of 2012, and it is so easy to see why. The lead singer, Will Harvey, has an ethereal voice which cut through everyone, and the fact that he can inflect it to either haunt everyone with melancholy vocals, or get everyone stamping feet and clapping along is a testament to the talent of this group of guys. I can only wish them, and everyone here, all the success in the future, because everyone absolutely crushed it at Sofar. Also a big thank you to Sofar themselves, for putting on such an amazing event! In future I urge you all to get yourselves along to the next one, I certainly know I’ll be there. To play us out, here’s some Dry The River with No Rest.



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