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Henry: Sorry folks for the delay but we are back. And back for good. And gosh there’s a lot of new stuff out there y’all. So we decided to run through it for you guys, sorting through the good, bad and the mediocre. First things first Crewe, what the hell’s going on with Donald Glover?

Michael: Whatever. After he bailed on Community, I don’t know I can ever forgive him. I’ve been ill for two weeks so maybe I’m just grumpy, I did like Bed Peace after all. Anyway, I’m back now and ready to reflect on some medium to outstanding music from this fall.

H: Yep. Outstanding is a fairly subjective term round here. Summer is over (we all had a high time stomping around the globe) but if you want to re-live it, here’s a list of our picks for the summer part 1 and part 2. 

Days Are Gone – Haim

H: Confession: I’m so sick and tired of hearing about Haim. We’ve been waiting for them like forever to take off, and now they have. And everyone loves them. And their album is … fine? It’s good but somewhere along the way they lost their charm and it’s just feel quite schticky.

M: It’s fine. That’s very fair. It is very fine. Like, I like them, but I would still probably skip 90% of this album if it came up on shuffle. Somewhere between all those Buzzfeed features and hipster-looking photos, they lost pretty much all of their appeal to me.

H: Right? You’re sisters. We get it.

Pure Heroine – Lorde

H: Has a lead single ever so accurately charted the quality and sound of its follow-up album? The subversive-suburban-tumblr-teen theme is smacked all across Pure Heroine and it really works. ‘Royals’ sets the tone, so that ‘Team’ and ‘White Teeth Teens’ feel like a neat continuation of disaffected youth who give a fuck about not giving a fuck. I’m surprised it’s a full album – not because it’s not great, or accomplished or whatever – but because it just smacks off mixtape/EP vibe. She’ll be going places on her second album for sure.

M: This girl is so magnificently talented. She’s 16! I mean come on, she is totally rad! Rad, rad, RAD!!! Ever since I heard ‘Tennis Court’ I’ve been desperate for this album to drop. And it has lived up to every one of my expectations – well done youngster, well done!

Just Movement – Robert Delong

H: This isn’t actually that new (it came out this summer) but it smacks of winter-dance-potential. Actually, after a quick google I’ve realised that ‘Here’ is mainly big because it was on Fifa (cool), but Delong is still your go-to guy for EDM tracks that are pretty hooky, sometimes-reflective (just like Avicii yo!) but haven’t been crazily overplayed (we get you, audience). ‘Global Concepts’ is clearly a stand-out from the album, just because its chorus is rounded off with a ‘did I make you fucking dance?’ but it was released a whole year ago and that would kinda make this list stupid.

The Bones of What We Believe – Chvrches

M: I’ve written a great deal about this album already. I love it more than anything. Henry, you say things now.

H: My favourite thing about being a massive hipster is … probably starting sentences with ‘my favourite thing about being a massive hipster is.’ Joking. My favourite thing is that it means a year or two later, we get to say things like ‘Oh, you like them too now? Cool.’ This is obviously great and we were right. Again. (Though see: Bastille, for a cautionary tale in liking things before they’re big).

If You Wait – London Grammar

M: Aside from one of the two boys’ awful haircut, London Grammar are quite safe. Actually no, I thought they were but now I know they aren’t. I saw them on Sunday Kitchen a few days ago, that’s not safe. Although I really do love Tim Lovejoy, these three are adorable dorks for appearing on his show. If You Wait is a sound album with ‘Wasting Our Young Years’ the stand-out. Henners, your opinion?

H: I’m normally too hungover on a Sunday morning to catch that (ha! Who goes out on Saturdays?). I’m almost certain it’s ‘Wasting My Young Years’ but I don’t know how much I care. These guys are nice in a way that I wouldn’t skip them if they come on while driving. I guess people missed Florence + the Machine? Actually, more credit’s due here than that cheap reference. Obviously the vocals impress, and obviously so does the beat and obviously I need some more music.

Don’t Talk To – RAC

M: ‘Let Go’ is the song of this fall. It has a play count of 93 on my iTunes. That is a full 38 plays more than second place (Faded Heart is in second place if you’re keeping track of trivia on me). RAC have brought an EP that also features the pretty excellent ‘Tourist’ which features Tokyo Police Club. But seriously, ‘Let Go’ is so good. And it means that Kele has finally put his name to some decent music for the first time since ‘A Weekend In The City’.

H: I don’t know if it matches up to Frou Frou’s ‘Let Go’ but it’s dece. No, it’s good stuff and it’s made double figures on iTunes. Solid werk all round, y’all.

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