Little Talks gets its definitive mix thanks to Thomas Jack

Trust me, this will mean a lot more to you come 6 month's time

Trust me, this will mean a lot more to you come 6 month’s time

Not only possessing pretty sweet fonts to lay over tropical looking photos, Thomas Jack possesses a great bit of house related knowledge as he mixes some Of Monsters and Men with some techno goodness.

I must confess, I have always liked the original of this song. There’s something quite Mumfordian (yes, it’s a new word) about that whole intro, but it’s nice having the whole male female combo on vocals. The original is a top song, sure. But that’s not to say it can’t have a bit of a “tropical house” mix, as TJ (I’m assuming he’s cool with that nickname) has dubbed it. TJ is an up and coming Aussie producer, and those tropical feel good vibes ooze out of this song.

So what about this mix then? It kicks off in a totally different style, with those synth keys coming in and looping all over the vocals nicely. This song definitely benefits from some tropical house mixing, and despite that same chorus coming it, there are definitely a lot of merits about this whole overlay on the beats. Also, those sections of just beats. Beautiful. I may as well be at some beach party, and not in my freezing, dark flat. Come join me pool side, won’t you?

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