A few words about Sophie Delila


Sophie Delila is coming to town (about a month before Santa) and this is a case of Christmas coming early. Let’s delve into the works of this soon to be French starlet.

So who is Sophie Delila I hear you ask? Born into a musical Parisian household, which was graced with legends including a hero of mine, Marvin Gaye, and with Ray Charles’ manager as a good family friend, she moved overseas, winning herself a top scholarship to the Berklee School of Music in Boston. After spells performing in New York she moved here to London, where she has spent the last six years setting herself up as a top producer and singer songwriter.

Beinghuge fans of New York, we totally adore this video just for its opening and the song that accompanies it. The whole video is pretty damn cool, mixing shots of various cities and sepia cut visuals throughout. Her voice overlays a sweet drum kick in the back, and she has a totally infectious voice. Be it here, or on “Calling You” where we hear a more stripped back tune, letting her voice totally shine through. She’s playing St. Pancras Old Church in London Wednesday 27th, and I for one cannot wait for this. Get yourself some tickets from the link below before they all sell out! You can also come find me if you’re there and want to meet your literary hero… (I’ll be the one sporting our sweet new website t shirts, photos to follow/check the Instagram)

Ticket link!


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