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This was our first photo of 2014. It might also be James Blake’s new album cover.

Henry: Sorry we’re late on the upstart but we’re here now. And that’s pretty much all that matters. We’re talking you through which albums to buy in 2014 – whether they’re new, or you just might have forgotten about a few. There might even be a single or two. I know. Wild.

Michael: Yep super sorry, we’ve barely shown ourselves for the last month due to other stuff (that’s as much detail as I would like to give) but we’re ready to make it up to you now. Lucky you right?

1) If You Wait -London Grammar

H: A 2013 release that never really took off (or did it? I’m quite out of touch with the British public) but now’s the perfect time to get into London Grammar as they’re nominated for a Brit (yeah yeah I know, Brits are lame). The album’s haunting, beautiful and just about my favourite thing to listen to on long night journeys. Sorry, M83. And Kavinsky. My sister and I listened to a lot of Kavinsky on long night drives through the Texas landscape. But that’s before I had the London Grammar album.

M: That’s lazy Henry?! You can’t use an album from 2013 (summer 2013 no less) for this list. And yeah, this was kind of a big album but it was a very good one at that. Their outstanding cover of Nightcall is easily my pick for song of the album and was one of my favourite reworks of last year.

H: I really feel so very apathetic towards that cover of Nightcall. And their cover of Wrecking Ball does very little for me, too. They both feel so, so obvious and empty. I was so late to the mainstream on this one, I was kinda indie.

2) Augustines – Augustines

M: I’ve only had this album for a couple of days but it really is amazing. I adored (We Are) Augustines’ first release in 2011 and this may just be even better. It’s already received rave rave reviews from both sides of the Atlantic, thanks in large part to phenomenal lyrics. Cruel City is amazing.

H: Cruel City is great and there is a lot of hat in that video. The rest of the album is very as you would expect? There’s some moody Mumford lyrics, some Bastille-style hooks and gritty, The National-style vocals. Weary Eyes validates that description and I don’t even mean it in a reductive way, I just mean it in an … expected way.

3) After the Disco – Broken Bells

H: So much anticipation from the second album headed by James Mercer (The Shins, d’uh) and Danger Mouse (more famous? I don’t know. But Broken Bells is catchier than James Mercer Danger Mouse). I love their self-titled first album. It was shown to me by a then-good friend who was – and still is – a perfectly Instagrammed hipster and whose playlists on Spotify run something like this:

  • Artist that he loved  two years before he like exploded into the mainstream. (M83)
  • Artists who have better names than music. (Starfucker. I actually love Starfucker but still, that name)
  • Ironic popstars who are actually kinda huge now but he liked them because of their voice. (Miguel. See also: Ariana Grande)

Twist: It was me all along. This is my favourite playlist on Spotify. Anyway, Broken Bell’s album was EDM-y before EDM went all poppy and that mix of emo-pop that dominates my iPhone. After the Disco is same-same but different-different. It’s going to remind you a lot of Daft Punk’s latest and the 80s. Both of those are fine things but if you were hoping for something as OhMyGodThisalbumissogood!Youhavetolistentoit as their first, you might have to wait for their third. What about you, Michael?

M: Haha Henry I don’t know what to say about that topsy turvy adventure you just took me on but boy I enjoyed it. I am going to try and not let your comparison of Augustines to Bastille not cloud my judgement for the rest of the article but you should know, it annoyed me. I have to admit that After the Disco is kind of a massive disappointment for me. It’s just too much Abba and not enough, I don’t know, not Abba!? Psychedelia just doesn’t really grip me. It’s kind of okay I suppose.

4) So Long, See You Tomorrow – Bombay Bicycle Club

M: BBC have finally got their first number one album this week and it is fully deserved. Not because I’ve particularly loved their previous work and feel it’s been a long time coming, but because their forth album is far and away the best record they’ve ever recorded. It’s jam-packed with radio-ready hits and it’s the first time I feel like the band has actually distinguished themselves from the rest of the indie trash middle ground that I used to so love. Every one of the first six tracks is good enough to land a top forty single and hey, if The 1975 can get Girls into the charts, maybe I could get a song in there too since any old shit is good enough these days.

H: Agreed. The 1975 is the year that never happened for Can You Hear This.

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