LIVE : Childish Gambino @ Koko

Gambino is a mastermind

Gambino is a mastermind

Two of my bestest buds wonderfully got me tickets to see my other best bud, Childish Gambino, play live at Koko last Friday, and it was without a doubt the best hip hop gig I have ever been to (sorry Kanye…)

I’ve been on that Gambino hype for quite a while now, ever since Camp came out, even with those god awful reviews Pitchfork gave it, through Royalty and finally onto his newest venture, Because the Internet. I’m a huge fan of Donald Glover the man, the Community actor, the stand up comedian, but most importantly the rapper. I spent all day jamming out to his newest album, getting ready to see 3005 live and utterly lose my mind. What happened at Koko was so much more.

Let me make one thing totally clear – Gambino makes a crowd go bat shit crazy. We managed to get right up to the front and it was mad, people were completely loving it. He rolled through pretty much all of Because the Internet, with some personal favourites being The Worst Guys, Oakland, and of course, 3005. The fact that he then went back and smashed Heartbeat and Freaks and Geeks was a total treat for us, two songs we jammed to all the way through our last year of school. He offered so much, in cut off shorts being the geek on the one hand and the utter badass hip hop star on the other. This was without doubt, the best I could have asked for and so much more. Thank you, Childish, for fucking killing it.

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