A few reasons why I NEED to get my hands on Parklife Tickets

Let's all just agree - that looks gorgeous

Let’s all just agree – that looks gorgeous

Festival season is just round the corner (with that whole pesky exam business standing between me and daydrinking) and there’s one that I am desperate to go to. Cue Parklife.

After Hideout last year which totally lived up to my expectations (see here http://canyouhearthis.co.uk/2013/07/15/and-the-4-reasons-why-hideout-2013-exceeded-my-expectations/ ) I’ve been doing all my research on what to do with my time this Summer, and Parklife is number one contender for taking all my money. Let’s have a quick look at a few of the reasons why I’m gonna have to pay extortionate money to some third party to get myself up to Manchester.

1) Summer in England is the best Summer anywhere

Just some fun in the sun

Just some fun in the sun

Maybe it’s because we get about 12 days of sunshine a year, but us Brits just bloody love Summer. My mate went to Parklife last year and managed to get sunburnt, which if anything is a victory in England. One of the first weekends in June, this will be he kick starter to most people’s Summers, probably after Uni exam stress or whatever, and is the perfect to head up North and cut loose with another load of people.

2) Variety in the line up

Any line up that boasts Snoop is gonna attract attention, but there are so many top artists hitting Parklife this Summer, and they span so many genres. You’ve got home grown heroes Disclosure who are sure to be incredible, and enough house artists to blow your mind, but then you can mix it up with some Public Enemy or even get mellow with The Foals. But mainly house. Loads and loads of house. God knows how much bass there will be.

3) Kendrick Lamar

He is the King

He is the King

I cannot fully express how much I am desperate to see K Dot live. His albums have been a revelation, and he has totally changed the game recently, proven most clearly on Control where he came out and just called everyone out. He has brought a lot of competition back to hip hop, and I just adore Good Kid, M.A.A.D City far too much. Live, I can only imagine he will be another level.


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