What to buy from the iTunes “50 Legendary Albums” Sale


iTunes are offering up some seminal RnB and Hip Hop albums spanning a fair few decades, and these really do include some absolute gems. Here’s my guide on how to spend your money wisely.

1) Ready to Die – The Notorious B.I.G.

As evidenced above, this one has to be on your iTunes library. Biggy dropped this way back in ’94, a mere 9 months into my life, and who knew it would have been such a big album for me at the time? Nobody, because who assumes a small Asian baby would really listen to an East Coast rapper spitting bars about money and hoes. But really, this album is so much more than that. This is the evolution of East Coast rap, finally breaking the West Coast dominance seen for so long. This was an album that encompassed women, seen in tracks like Big Poppa and Fuck Me, but it also spanned the dark side of the game, with Suicidal Thoughts, and most importantly the development of a man going from nothing to everything in a track like Juicy. The depth and lyrical range of this album means it’s worth so many re listens, to fully understand all its levels. This man earned a full shutdown of NYC for his funeral, that’s got to tell you something. The man is a hero.

2) Donuts – J Dilla

Another artist we lost too young

Another artist we lost too young

To be totally honest, I’ve only really got into Dilla in the past few months. I started out vibing Slum Village, but then I started to look at the amount of artists Dilla produced for, and that led me to his last album, his magnum opus, his seminal work, Donuts. Donuts is an absolute masterclass in production. QuestLove has come out and called Dilla the best producer of all time, and it’s easy to see why. His samples, his beats, every note, every song just works, and it’s no wonder there’s such a cult following for this album. If you want a great understanding of what mixing really is, come to Dilla. I can’t pick out any one song to showpiece it, you’ve got to listen to the whole album to appreciate him.

3) The College Dropout – Kanye West

I mean this one should be obvious, I literally blogged it a couple of weeks ago! Check the article for a very in depth look at why Yeezy got it oh so right first time round.


4) Get Lifted – John Legend

I guess Kanye makes my list a second time round as a producer, for the 2006 Grammy Winning RnB album, Get Lifted. I guess this was always going to be up there for me, seeing as Ordinary People is one of my favourite tracks of all time. That song is the perfect showcase of Legend’s unbelievable vocal range, and the sheer weight of his voice in that song, but the whole album beautifully introduced the world to the soulful, seductive work of John Legend.

So that’s how I would have spent my 20 quid, if I didn’t already own these all! Get on it, these are all the perfect albums in their own unique ways.

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