Best Acts from Coachella 2014

I will be there one day

I will be there one day


Another year, another Coachella I still can’t attend. Soon enough I’m gonna get myself there, but who are the acts which I most which I had been there vibing to? Let’s have a look, and see who controversially gets left off my list (it’s Outkast).

1) Daughter

As you’ll all know, we’re big daughter fans here at CYHT ( and ) so for the trio to make it to the heady stages of Coachella is always going to sit well with us here. There’s something so earnest about lead singer Elena’s voice, and you hear it resonate through the occasion, especially on Youth which I still absolutely adore. Check it out below.


2) Disclosure

I may not have anywhere near their talent, but we do have matching shades

I may not have anywhere near their talent, but we do have matching shades

Let’s just be honest, Disclosure are absolutely massive right now. I saw them again recently in London and they rocked that, a huge venue compared to the relatively more intimate set we got back in 2013 thanks to Red Bull down in Southwark (check it out here Same stuff at Coachella, I’m a big fan of the fact they usually have their guests actually come gig with them, and the sight of Sam Smith and the two boys from Surrey on stage performing to so many people really hits home at how far they’ve come, but for me the biggest indicator is having Mary J Blige come out and perform with you. Then, you know you’ve made it.

3) Nas

Y’all ready for Nasty Nas?

He's ready

He’s ready

You should be, cos Nas went and killed it. 20 years ago he dropped the Illmatic and introduced the world to one of the finest lyricists of all time. Here at Coachella he rolled through it all again, and I especially when he made them aware he “dropped this on cassette”, and it still holds good 20 years later. To bring out Jay-Z and smash two tracks with him as well was just the icing on the cake. For me, he blew Outkast’s reunion out the water, and was easily the best hip hop act there.

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