Your Spring Break Revision Playlist

Henry and his new pal

I haven’t been seen on these fair, indie-blog, shores for too long and I apologise. The rigours and stresses of a university student have hit me hard this last month or so and Can You Hear This, and you the readers, have suffered as a result. So let me pay you pack with a brand new eclectic mix to help you get through the next few weeks ahead of some big time exams. (P.S. I am also sending the biggest load of love to Henry who is ill at the moment out in Malaysia – feel free to drop him a grammatically-correct email of support at

1. I Am What You Want Me To Be – The Jungle Giants

So I know I called this a revision playlist but you also need music to relax to. Let’s face it, no one revises that much when the weather outside is this nice.

2. Meet the Selkirks – Pin Me Down

I’ve had this one for a long time but it never disappoints me. Way too short but otherwise, I can’t help but get a little bit motivated to do something other than work on my Ultimate Team/Snapchat excessively. Come back to music Pin Me Down? Please? I miss you.

3. Tell A Lie – Farao

This is just so dark that it’s impossible not to get put into the trance you need to work. Don’t lie kids, depressing songs like these are the least damaging of all the consequences.

4. All Your Love is Gone – Boxed In

And continuing on that cheerful note, Boxed In kick off their debut single with “you should have been a ghost, it would have suited you.” Lyrics like these are there to remind you that you might as well get some good grades before you go face the big bad world. That said, I do really enjoy the bass-line in this.

5. I Giorni – Ludovico Einaudi

Music scholars may not rate this against the Chopins of old but I love Ludovico Einaudi. Listen to the Royal Albert Hall concert and tell me you are not in love.

6. Stuck in My Teeth – Circa Waves

Young energy is always nice to hear and especially helpful when you are trying to get some work done late into your evenings. I’m sure this will never chart given the state of the Top 40 at the moment but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t make it to your iTunes.

7. Leave Me Behind – Bauer & Lanford

A really cool video and sweet, sing-along, vocals make this one my favorites of all the generic trash house pop that is coming out at the moment and one to get your pen moving.

8. Bad Kingdom – Moderat

This video takes the crown however. My god do I love the artwork. And the song is getting some traction at the moment with decent airplay around the country. Excellent vocals and memorable production combine well to distract you from work for four minutes. I guess that’s not ideal for a revision playlist then.

9. I Need You – M83

From the excellent Divergent soundtrack (I might regret that adjective in a couple of months time), M83’s I Need You is a piece of pop nirvana that comes to a wonderful crescendo with driving drums and a wonderful saxophone. I like it a lot.

10. Dream Machines – Big Deal

I cannot emphasize to you enough just how good I thought Divergent was. Like, I had zero expectations and am kinda horrified how much I enjoyed it, but FUCK did I love it. Ellie Goulding’s work on the soundtrack is exceptional but this alternate rock duet is perfect for the film and your ears alike.

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