Songs for my recovery week


Hello readership! Apologies for the lengthy absence, I’ve been busy revising then taking exams then partying then going on holiday and finally, by getting sick. Don’t worry though, here’s my return with the soundtrack of my sickness.

1) Devil Town – Bright Eyes

Having just got into Friday Night Lights, this song won’t come as a surprise to any of the followers of the show. This kicks in pretty early on in the show, and it totally hooked me as soon as I heard it. Conor Obest’s voice kicks it all off, no instruments, just a slow clap behind him as his croaking voice croons away. Then that guitar follows him up, and serves as the perfect backing to his soul searching voice. Maybe it’s because it fits the FNL scene so well (yeah I’m making that an acronym, whatever), but I absolutely adore this song and it’s been stuck on repeat for me a whole lot recently.

2) How Will I Know – Sam Smith

He's sort of killing it isn't he?

He’s sort of killing it isn’t he?

Yeah, he really is. His debut album In the Lonely Hour has sold extremely well, and the range of work Sam has been involved with certainly means he’s covering a lot of bases. For me, it’s his vocal range that really sets him apart from everyone else, and as a result that’s why he shines on this Whitney Houston cover. Stripped back and slowed way down, the song compliments his voice perfectly here. His notes resonate and cut through it all, and it just works.

3) Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You – Franki Valli and the Four Seasons

Ok so this one has appeared in two TV related things I’ve seen lately. A) I just rewatched all of Entourage again with my girlfriend and flat mate, and the Chase Brother duet of this at a girl’s Bat Mitzvah is outstanding, and B) I recently saw the trailer for the new Jersey Boys film, and that combo got me listening to some old Franki Valli stuff, and it’s true, his voice is just unreal. The notes he hits are obscene, his voice is one of a kind isn’t it. Just listen and enjoy.

And the Entourage clip for good measure, just because of Jonny Drama…

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