Summer Party Songs


Henry: Do you like summer? Do you like parties? Cool.

Michael: Do you like the heat? Do you overly loud music? Cool. Here are the songs you need.

Here’s our list of 30 songs that are summer-approriate but that you don’t have to be p@rtYin’ to listen to.

Birthday – Katy Perry (Cash Cash remix)

H: This isn’t just because I want to plug our feature on Katy Perry’s remixes. It’s got a super summery-tinkly vibe and her voice sounds ridic sexy throughout; it also sounds a lot like early Daft Punk (most bridges in pop songs take their cue from early DP to be fair). And that’s pretty much the highest compliment I can pay things.

M: Why don’t I like this song!? I love Katy and most of this but God do I hate that chorus. This remix does actually make the song a bit better but until a remix comes along and figures a way to contain this chorus (see Kennedy Jones’ remix of ‘Roar’), I can’t listen to this more than a handful of times.

Prime – Allie X

M: This is my girl for the summer. I actually adore Allie X. Her popularity is thanks to a Katy Perry tweet (something we all pine for #letyourcoloursburst) but whatever success she has incoming, she will fully deserve. Prime is a beaut slice of femtronica and is a massive tune for your summer pres.

H: Long live femtronica. I like this but it needs better production; something sounds a little off, especially so on the chorus. But that won’t stop it being my potential song of the summer. I like the opening line, it’s nifty. I’ve got #letyourcoloursburst tattooed on my lower back. 

36 – Redlight

M: I actually wrote something for this but Henry has obviously deleted it (I hope inadvertently but I can never be sure with that boy). The jist was that I like this song and that I don’t know why they say 36000 feet and not some other number but WHATEVER, if Henry didn’t think it was worth keeping then it’s not worth repeating! I’m upset.

Feed Me Diamonds – MNDR (DJ Poet, Chebecca & Connor Cruise ListenDeep Remix)

H: MNDR are the best, and I like ‘Feed Me Diamonds’ a lot for a party sound track. There are a legit fuck-ton of official remixes out there, but this one’s pretty decent. It gets a little too EDM on the chorus (forgivable: This was released in 2012; things were different) but it mostly manages to maintain the balance between heartfelt insecurity/emotion and buzzing party vibe in which we apparently specialise here.

M: As someone who only started listening to MNDR earlier this year, I’ve come to love the band pretty quickly. I really like this remix though, the original is awesome and this gives it an added shot of dynamism. Perfect.

Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay) – Sky Ferreira

H: I don’t think you’ll think this is appropriate, Michael but I love this kind of soft-grunge-90s track for a party. An underage party that takes places in the 80s in an art-deco house with shag carpet, with glass doors that overlook a lit-up pool. That’s just a description of Adventureland, by the way. Anyway, not every party song has to be ‘Starships.’ Sometimes, you just gotta sway. If this doesn’t do it for you, literally take any remix of any Sky Ferreira song ever.

M: I feel like this type of music is appropriate for the parties that I think my friends think I go to, not the ones I actually frequent. I wish I could listen to music like this and just bop along but the parties I seem to end up at are still cranking out Calvin Harris’ hits from pre-2010 (get with it guys #summer).

Champagne Coast – Blood Orange (Krystal Klear Remix)

H: I am confused that ‘Champagne Coast’ is not on the top five most played on Blood Orange’s Spotify profile. Whatever: I know it’s old and maybe you’re over it but I’m not. I’m especially not over this remix which is ridiculously good. The first minute and half are so silky they made me giggle (I’m in a library).

M: Do not like. My followers, you can pass on this and listen to more Sky Ferreira instead. Henry’s followers, maybe you’ll enjoy this, if cute-creepy is your thing.

H: I cannot help how cute I am.

Pretty Boy – Young Galaxy:

H: God I relate to this song (a joke). This beat kills, and the lyrics are emo by way of M83’s ‘Raconte-Moi Une Histoire.’ What that means is that you can dance to it, and think about the spectrum of human emotion and co-dependency at the same time. A win for science, I’d say. This might be my favourite track on the list.

M: God Henry, you are so far behind! I blogged this so long ago that it actually hurts me to see you writing about it now. Do you not read all my posts? If not, I don’t want to speak to you ever again because I had this in January last year. EDIT: I say I blogged it, but I clearly haven’t. Apologies. I like this song a lot.

H: I feel like I can do nothing right this post.

Better Than It Ever Could Be – The Preatures

H:  The Preatures ‘hit’ (quotation marks because you’ve probably never heard of them) the scene with ‘If This How You Really Feel?’ in 2013. They released ‘Better Than It Ever Could Be’ this year, with a fairly trying video, but the song is all-good. It’s ’60s-infused pop-rock with a surfer vibe. Can you tell that I’m looking for new bands following Grouplove’s second album disappointment? Michael, this is exactly your type of shit.

M: I don’t know anyone who took Grouplove’s disappointing second album harder than you Henry; Ways to Go promised so much! Trying is right for this video but if you close your eyes, you can enjoy this for what it is, a good old throwback pop-rock record that is perfect for those long walks along the beach/long walks to crappy nightclubs to go get stamps.

Julian – Say Lou Lou (Monsieur Adi Remix)

H: We interviewed these guys a while ago so go check that out. I love this remix; just listening to it makes me excited for summer parties in outside-bars, on rooftops, on the Continent. It’s urgent and pacing, without resorting to a rote EDM beat. In 2014, that’s a pretty sizeable achievement. This is the sonic equivalent of a night-time drive, but like a fun night-time drive. You’re drinking Champagne in the back of a limo with close friends and Instagramming the fuck out of it (#blessed #summernights).

M: I have a Monsieur Adi remix of ‘Like a Prayer’ which I love (second favourite version behind the ‘Man-donna’ version) but this one is only okay in my eyes. I really like the original and I just kind of feel that this is a remix for remix’s sake. Feel free to tell me how wrong I am though Henry, I love criticism. 

Somebody – Trashyouth

M: I’ve wanted an excuse to write about this song for so long and this is the perfect moment. I’m pretty sure I show the song on my iPhone to every DJ every single time I go out, hoping and praying that they will play it. They never do. And I know that’s probably something to do with the fact that it’s seven minutes long and only features two words but I assure, those two words are used to outstanding effect. Potentially my favourite House track of the year.

H: House are like my favourite band at the moment. Garage’s last tour was awful. You’re the person who shows their iPhone to the DJ? You’re the worst person.

Boom Clap – Charli XCX

M: And as your night gently slides to a 6am end (in Exeter this is more like 12:30 but that’s besides the point) you need a slow burner. Sip your water and get all nostalgic about the love that could have been, isn’t that what the ends of summer nights are all about.

H: We all drink water when we’re coming down. Make sure you sip it though. Wanna taste that water.

Hanging On – Active Child

H: If we’re doing the come-down songs, I’m putting anything by Active Child on the list. This is embarrassing but I only realised that ‘Hanging On’ which features on Ellie Goulding’s Halycon Days is actually a cover. Bizarro. Also see: Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’.

M: Not embarrassing, I think we all wanted to believe that Ellie Goulding was capable of a song as good as this. One day Ellie. Do NOT tell me that ‘Torn’ is a cover because that is in my top 5 best pop songs of the noughties. Please don’t ruin that for me Henry.

H: So it’s true, it was originally recorded by Ednaswap in 1995. But I thought you were wrong when you said it was released in the noughties. But you’re right; the cover came out in 1997. I feel so old. 



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