New Heights Q&A with Chris Kwak


When listening to a song, have you ever experienced that sensation in your body that makes you tap your foot to the beat, nod your head to the rhythm, while also making your heart feel full? If you haven’t, New Heights, an aspiring band from Seattle, can do just that. I interviewed Chris Kwak from the band, an he answered questions about their music career and their most supportive fans.

 What’s one thing – apart from music – that you can’t live without?

 The ability to be creative. As long as we’re able to be creative in some aspect I think that would be a success for us and we’d be happy. 

 What has been the highlight of your career?

 There’s been a few. One would have to be when we were invited to the White House to meet the President and the First Lady a couple years ago. The other would be a combination of getting to share the stage with so many talented people that we’re able to call friends now. 

 So your first song, “Peaches”, has been a song known widely with over 10,000,000 views altogether. You could say your fame came from the Julibee Project, “Love Language”, which is one of my favorite videos, but do you think you would get as much success as you did for the song?

 The funny thing is, we wrote that song years before Eddie (from Jubilee Project) asked us to use it for their video. But then the video took off and so did the song and people kept thinking it was a brand new song of ours. When we first released the song, around seven or eight years ago, we knew it was special because a lot of people in the small community around us seemed to really grab hold of it. But after a couple years passed we kind of forgot about that song until it gained second wind thru the “Love Language” video. We definitely weren’t complaining!  

 “Peaches”, is probably my favourite song of yours, not only because it probably the song that symbolizes your work, but it reaches to your audience on a different level. What was the meaning of the song? 

 Peaches is actually a girl – one of my best friends. Back when I was in high school, she went off the college in Massachusetts and struggled with depression. I think being in a new surrounding with new people really caught up to her – not to mention her school was literally in the middle of nowhere. One night after getting off the phone with her, I picked up a guitar and wrote the tune. It’s a song about someone knowing their worth and finding themselves through a difficult time. I titled it “Peaches” because she was the one who inspired the song. 

 If you had to say something to your fans, the teenagers who sit in their room on Friday nights blasting your music on the stereo, to the hard core fans who knew you when the whole world didn’t, what would you say? 

 If those people actually do exist, I would say it means more than they know. I would say thanks for sticking with us years ago even when our music really wasn’t that good. We’ve tried to step up our game on every album and every song written had our fans in mind. If we didn’t think they would like it, we would scrap the song and start back at square one. Can’t say thank you enough. Regardless of what happens in the future, their support and the love they showed won’t be something we ever forget. 

New Heights is more than a band that originated in Seattle; they reach to their fans, including myself. They write music, but their music doesn’t just reach us through the headphones. They’re unlike other bands because their talents are genuine, they’re waiting to be acknowledged by the whole world. “ Peaches” is a song written not only for the girl that inspired the song, but to anyone who ever doubts their own abilities. When a band can reach out to their audience on such a level, that’s a considerable measure of talent.

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