Reasons to get loved up for Lovebox

'Cool' 'kids' 'raving'

‘Cool’ ‘kids’ ‘raving’

Ah Lovebox, my choice for this Summer’s Taylor one off festival, and with it a mere 48 hours away, I’m starting to get mighty excited over it all, and Michael had better be too ( if he sorts out his act and gets a ticket. ) Check out my top picks amongst a phenomenal lineup hitting Victoria Park this Friday.



It can't just be me who finds this photo hauntingly captivating?

It can’t just be me who finds this photo hauntingly captivating?

And it’s not just Bonobo’s above still which is captivating. His work is completely wonderful, something I only found out deep into revision, and his tracks kept me slowly sane as I learnt Italian grammar rule after Italian grammar rule. The North Borders is a phenomenal piece of work and definitely worth a download and various listens, those synth beats and hooks are best heard through a big pair of cans which nothing to do but enjoy the music. Deep, man.

Joey Bada$$

Straight up, Joey Bada$$ is an utter badass. Some of his bars are out of this world, and for his age it’s just ridiculous. One of my mates was hyping ASAP the other day, but Joey is definitely the next gen rapper I’m gonna be seeing first and foremost at Lovebox. 1999 is one of the best mixtapes released of the past few years, showing a maturity and a flexibility which is hard to come by in a generation of fairly conforming hip hop artists. Plus, sweet Dilla beats.


This beautifully reflects the ghostly nature of some of her tracks

Sometimes I wish I were photogenic

Banks has had a hell of a past year or so. Blowing up, touring with the Weeknd, getting nominated for the  BBC Sound of 2014, she’s managed to achieve massive critical and commercial acclaim through her canny use of social media. Oh, and her ridiculously high levels of talent. Her songs are ones that you can sit and think about for hours, just letting them run over and over as you analyse the most minute aspects. Hers is to be my more chilled out set amongst an otherwise fairly mad weekend.




This is all that needs be said. It’s Nas. It’s the Illmatic. Yep.


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