8 Best Clubbing Songs for the Summer

Going cray to Sub Focus

Going cray to Sub Focus

Michael: Good morning everyone and apologies for our absence from the blogging game for the last couple of weeks but we been busy yo! I’ve been sick and umm.. Henry?

Henry: I almost wish I could have kept what Michael had written here originally but I don’t want to be arrested.

M: Okay cool thanks for that mate. This post is a few days late as a result of me being bed bound from all the clubbing I’ve been doing (JK, it was the infection and tonsillitis).

H: This post has been a few days late because I am physically and emotionally drained from Summertime Sadness. And like, the thought of clubbing.

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Cirrus – Bonobo

M: I don’t know how well this song will work for other people clubbing. For me, it was the best thing I have ever heard in my life. Potentially it was the best hour of my life. The entirety of Bonobo’s set at Lovebox just blew me away and Cirrus just has such an infectious rhythm, you’d have to be made of stone not to move to its beat. The trippy video is also pretty rad.

Hold On – Nervo

M: While I was lying sick in bed this weekend, I succumbed to Tomorrowland envy and watched tons of the live stream. Apart from seeing one of my mates on screen (crazy right?), Nervo’s set made me most upset to once again not be at one of the world’s most amazing dance festivals. These two Aussie chiquitas are so cool! This is pretty damn mainstream dance but it’s bloody fantastic and gives me goose bumps. When I’m in the mood obviously, not at like 8:30 am.

H: I … just … hate … all … of … this.

Change – Ben Moon

M: A little Can You Hear This gem here. Ben Moon is yet to make his mark on our British clubbing scene but he’s been tearing it up in Europe and his latest single makes it pretty clear why. An intoxicating beat, which gets even better at the chorus, makes this a sure fire way to get you to lose your shit and lost in the music.

We’re also gonna be dropping Ben Moon’s absolutely awesome mix in just a few days so definitely get hyped for that.

H: On it; I’ll be suitably hyped for next week, just need to start charging up now.

Hyph Mngo – Joy Orbison

Joy Orbison is a bit different from the rest of this lot. Far more fragmented and a bit more aggressive, but his music is every bit as fun and exciting to get fresh to in your club haunt of choice (let’s be honest, there aren’t that many options that will play these tunes). Hyph Mngo is frenetic but irresistible.

Turn it Around (feat. Kele) – Sub Focus

M: No matter what wilderness and terrible music Bloc Party fall into, I just can’t bring myself to ‘Let Go’ (that’s a clever callback FYI). A Weekend in The City and Silent Alarm were such influential albums on teenage moi, I will always root for a return to for Kele. When this collaboration dropped last year, it was. Sort of. It’s quite a good song, with decent vocals from Kele with anthemic synth in the chorus (side note: at Lovebox, the Sub Focus set was fantastic and I loved this then).

H: Literally last night I was trying to explain Bloc Party’s appeal to someone and I think it’s a very British thing? Specfically if you were like, 14-16 in the late 2000s? Those albums mean a lot (but not quite as much as they do for you, I think) to me and every time I hear ‘Blue Light’ I almost cry. This, though, does almost nothing for me. It’s just so strained but also pathetic, and then also a little whiney.

M: You are being horrrid today boy. Remind me not to show you my draft screenplay.

Boom Clap – Charli XCX (ASTR Remix)

H: My current religious view is set to: ‘Boom Clap’ for song of the summer. It’s the first song on my running playlist and apparently that’s the highest praise I can give in this post. Anyway, this ASTR remix is one of the best out of the official ones and though it’s not as good as the original, everything’s slightly worse in clubs so just take it and say a little prayer it’s not Calvin Harris.

Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey (PBR Streetgang Remix)

H: I was a a little uneasy at posting one of the remixes that are currently being promoted but decided it’s ultimately your call if you feel comfortable dancing to a song that drones: ‘he hit me and it felt like a kiss.’ Which, sure. It’s Lana; but I normally reserve that type of pop-philosophising for like bus journeys or whatever, not clubs. But hey, maybe you can play it at pre-drinks. I don’t really care but I know I enjoy the first two minutes of this remix than the rest of it put together.

M: I do not feel particularly comfortable to vibing to such lyrics.

Out of Mind – Tove Lo (WEKEED & Creange Remix)

H: There’s currently not a realer slice of club life than Tove Lo who makes nights out sound magical, miserable and isolating at the same time. Which they are, I guess. I don’t know: Just dance to this and forget about it. And then when you’ve given up clubbing because it’s expensive, and it’s summer, listen to her Truth Serum because it might be the best thing you’ll hear all year.

M: Guess what Henry, unlike you, I’m going to be positive about a song the other selected because I’m not a total jerkface who is really mean. I love Tove Lo this year and Henry summarises the bizarre dialectic central to summer nightlife so well here, that I kind of feel I have to give some love to this remix. It’s fun. But ya, Truth Serum is incredible.

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