The Chainsmokers drop new mix ‘Kanye’ (with 0% selfie)

Black and white is so in right now

Black and white is so in right now

The Chainsmokers are a name I’m sure you’re familiar with, after they’ve blown up this past year, helped in no small way by their enormous hit Selfie. Here’s a second original release, and in my opinion, an even better tune with more beats, less social satire.

The Chainsmokers have been around for a while, popping up on my iTunes with their banging remix of Say Lou Lou’s Julian (for a review of the original, click here or our exclusive interview with the girls) and more recently with their enormous hit Selfie. 

197 million views is quite a few I guess, right? Their new mix is sitting pretty at 720,000 plays on Soundcloud, but I estimate that number to grow massively (not least thanks to this super helpful and informative blog post, am I right?) Kanye in my opinion offers a lot more musically. The vocals are soft especially compared to the spoken word of a girl who claims ‘that’s so ratchet’ mid song. There’s a softness and slowness to the vocals which is backed nicely by that beat, and at the drop it just all kicks off with synth and hooks coming in left right and centre. Also, who doesn’t wanna be like Kanye? The man dropped The College Dropout for God’s sakes, and he’s basically the most self assured man in the history of ever – that’s gotta be pretty damn sweet! Check it out here, and follow the guys on their Soundcloud, as they’re regularly dropping great mixes.


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