Songs to send you off on a Year Abroad

I mean life could be worse

I mean life could be worse

For a lot of my mates, third year means one thing, the Year Abroad. Be it somewhere exotic, like Brazil, or somewhat less exotic, like Bristol ( I 100% have a friend doing his year out from Edinburgh to Bristol ), these should be the songs to accompany you on your bon voyage!


Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver

This was actually what I listened to in the car on my way to the airport, and it pretty much says it all. It’s a weird feeling knowing you’re leaving 90% of your nearest and dearest behind, both exciting and a little scary, especially when it comes to relationships. I’m approaching 2 years with my nerd of a girlfriend ( she’s ok at times I guess… ) and it can be daunting facing a year away, and John certainly knows how hard long distance is here, but he puts a lot of the ideas I have in nice rhymes with fun chord patterns. Plus, this song has a mad cute moment in Armageddon.




I Am A Rock – Simon and Garfunkel

It’s gonna happen, 100%, guaranteed, at some point. You’re gonna get homesick. Your year abroad advisors aren’t just sentimental dorks who get teary, you will miss English Netflix and Sunday Roasts for sure. Instead of getting said, take on the mindset of Simon and Garfunkel. You don’t actually need anyone because hey you’re tough enough to beat scissors in game of all games ( but lose to paper, what’s up with that? ) I mean I can’t actually get behind this isolating myself everyone idea because I’m weak, but it’s a nice idea and a top song.


Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap

Wherever you end up, you’re gonna want to go get out there and explore. I think this is pretty much entirely down to that great montage in 500 Days of Summer where Tom takes Summer around LA and shows her how the architecture above street level is actually great and she falls for him and it’s all good then he gets heartbroken and it all just gets a bit sad. But this song is perfect for a walk around town, it’s weirdly empowering just going out from wherever you’re staying with no other intention than to wander, and this song is that perfect soundtrack for it.


Don’t Wait – Mapei

This is mainly because this is my favourite jam at the moment and you need some sweet new edgy cool music from a sweet edgy cool music blog to look sweet, edgy, and of course cool in front of your new friends! Go make those cool friends, you’ve earned them. Winners win, the life motto of a Mister Michael Crewe. Have a sick year if you’re on a year abroad as well, and I will be adding more music in a similar vein too when I’m bored of eating macaroons ( lol jk never happening. )

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