Dancing with Myself

Because who gives a fuck

Because who gives a fuck

Michael: We’re back. We’re sorry we’ve been away. Sometimes juggling all the flaming bowling pins of life can be hard. But good news, we’re back and we’re ready to get this puppy back to health (seriously, did you see that dog Arthur from the trek in Ecuador, how amazing is that!?).

Henry: So amazing. I’ve been watching Hunger Games and going to Bridge lots but I’m free now.

M: I wasn’t planning on writing today. In fact I wasn’t planning on writing for a couple of weeks until we introduce the new site upgrade (stay tuned y’all) but something compelled me. Part musical, part personal. Have you heard the expression fun sponge? Buzz kill? Enjoyment vampire? I doubt it except for the middle one since I made up the other two but hopefully you get the gist Henry.

H: I’ve only heard of enjoyment vampire. Weird. 

M: Honestly, just ignore them. Do what you want to do because you want to do it. Sometimes I like to stay home and watch The Office with a bowl of ice cream. Other times I like to do press ups and pretend I am on the path to a body builder’s figure (I’m not). And plenty of times I like to dance for myself. Not for the show or my friends, for me. Every time a music video celebrates this innate, minimalistic fun, it really gets me excited. The Shoes’ Time to Dance is perhaps a little bit dark but it’s murderous Jake Gyllenhaal finding safe haven from his own burning craziness in the magic of dance which is cool enough not even counting the fact that it’s Jake freakin’ Gyllenhaal. Then we get Years & Years’ Real, which is potentially my favourite song/video of all time. I’m legitimately obsessed. Seeing dorky Q actor Ben Whishaw tearing it up on the dance floor speaks to so many of my loves. Dancing is a celebration y’all. Sometimes it’s worth celebrating yourself isn’t it? Especially when it’s this damn fun.

H: Something about that Time to Dance video has always really irked me, and I think it’s the YouTube comments that normally read like: ‘Ha ha yeah, fuck those hipsters. Jake really showed them what’s up. Finally.’ Because this is such a false dichotomy, you guys. It’s people who wear Danish-produced slim-fit jeans, grow facial hair and listen to Bon Iver (i.e Jake Gyllenhaal stand-ins) that talk about hating hipsters the most. It’s a bizarro form of self-hate wrapped up in self-worth and I can’t stand it. It’s saying Nicki Minaj is the worst and that Eminem is an authentic rapper, or claiming that pop music is dead because Shake It Off only has like, three words in its chorus bro. I’m sorry, I think I have a lot on my chest and Jake’s taking the blame (I still have unresolved feelings about him and Taylor Swift). For the record, I love Jake. I don’t understand but enjoy his films (Source Code, Donne Darko) and I even watched Prince of Persia at the cinema (the cinema!). But that Years & Years video? I love it more than words. I loved it since you Whataspped me about it. It is an Important Video for understanding club culture, but it’s probably more important for understanding Ben Whishaw’s hair.

M: I love it when you get worked up into a full on rant bud. But, I also recognise completely what you’re saying but the video is about him realising how ridiculous his angst is, not about the angst itself. But yeah.. hispters am I right?

H: The de facto DGAF dancer is, of course, Lorde. That performance of Yellow Flicker Beat at the AMAS is so mid-00s VH1 that it’s awesome. She’s the queen of – if you can even call that? – dancing. Pro tip: If you’ve had a long day, like in public spaces, go back to your room, turn on Lorde and channel your inner creep. It’s cheaper than therapy, and more fun. The Kanye West ‘Rework’ of Yellow Flicker Beat is fairly perfect; that ‘I’ve got my fingers laced together and I’m locking up everyone who’s ever laid a finger on me’ is unbeatable. I feel (and you might hate  me for this) that I’m fairly over Charli XCX. She’s become a bit too mannered lately – You like the 90s! You’re punk! You wear chokers! We get it – but Lorde’s just got cooler and cooler. It’s probably Taylor Swift’s influence.

H: Okay, okay, I see that Lorde was a pretty rando choice for dance music. I can’t help; I’ve been feeling super mellow lately. Anyway, Caribou’s ‘Our Love’ which was released last month straddles a nice divide between laid-back and upbeat. It reminds me of – and bear with me here – jazz, in the way that the beats fall unpredictably. There’s no four to floor to fall back on. your Love Will Set You Free sends shivers down my spines. I feel strongly about this.

M: This is pretty amazing. I really wish there was a video to go with this. Maybe we should make one.


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