Catching Up With Elliot



Apologies, apologies, 100x I’m sorry. Just like Elton and the boys from Blue (now that is a blast from the past) I want to know what I gotta do to make you love me. I abandoned you all, so here’s a bunch of great tunes I’ve listened to that hopefully cover all bases and mean we aren’t in this silly fight any more.

Sugah Daddy – D’Angelo & The Vanguard

I feel like it might be a tad ambitious to compare my return to the internet with d’Angelo’s return to all of our lives, but I’m tentatively going there anyway. But seriously, this guy is the man. Those first few notes kick and it all feels good, and then he comes in and the groove is well and truly back. Uptown Funk  might be dominating every airwave ever, but this song is where it’s really at. If any song has brought back funk and soul in this brief part of 2015, then it’s definitely d’Angelo and his vibes that are deserving of all our attention. Somewhere between those horns and his ridiculously groovy hooks, the man is back.

Hot Mess – Benson ft. Lex Famous (Dom Dolla Remix)

That’s officially got to be one of our longer artist titles, but between the three of them, this is an absolute banger. Every pre-drinks I think I’ve hosted /hijacked the music of, this has immediately featured, and then every club night I’ve been on has inevitably left me waiting for someone to finally play this ( T Swift offers me some comfort with her ability to pop up at every cheese night imaginable ) I feel like this song completely revolves around it’s main beat, and as much as it adds on top of it, between vocals and synth kicks and whatever, it’s that simple main beat that keeps you going. Fair credit to the song, that its simple beat can be what keeps me going after repeat number 11 and request to stop singing number 4.

The Blacker The Berry – Kendrick Lamar

I feel like it was sort of inevitable I would have been bumping any new Kendrick material that came out. After the much catchier and, on face surface, happy I, it was interesting to see Kendrick spit hard on this and weigh in with some hugely provocative topics and topical ideas. In the wake of a huge backlash against the American police, with events in Ferguson leading to widespread rioting there, it was interesting to hear some of his views on it all. He has taken some flak for his views, but I for one find it really interesting to hear what he has to say. I don’t want to give too much away, but have a listen and see where you stand on the whole matter.

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