Songs For Your Next Night Out

credit: HNNY

credit: HNNY

Right, so what was I up to while I was on hiatus? Learning French (poorly), and going out a fair bit, which went an awful lot better. Along the way, I assembled a fair few classics for any night out, so check a couple of them out here.


Boy – HNNY

This is a recommendation from a good mate I met abroad, who prefaced it with “the video’s really weird, it’s literally Winnie the Pooh”. Ed may be many things – borderline cricket obsessed, potentially guilty of breaking our front door, and “my f*cking boy blue” – but he isn’t a liar. Despite having nothing to do with this catchy as hell song, with stripped back beats and a really bizarre dialogue about whose Boy the guy really is, it’s played over a little video of Winnie. I could honestly listen to these beats on loop all night, the bass-line is a banger.

Kill Us Both – Futuristic (Feat. Kara Revesz)

I freaking adore this song. Those first few notes totally go with the video (you’ll get what I mean when you catch it below) and Futuristic’s bars are straightforward, but his flow definitely adds a load to the track. That and the fact he’s backed with unbelievable production in the back, and Kara Revesz comes in with a killer set of hooks and notes. Also, that sunset is absolutely stunning, that’s where I’d really fancy being right now instead of looking at the rain hitting my window. Yay.

Remember You (Mark Lower Remix) – Heavy Pins & Stage Rockers

Deep sounds is one of the whole bunch of house related Soundclouds I’m following nowadays, and it’s because they keep coming up with tunes like this. I love that this is a really long build up, and by the time the bass kicks about a minute in, it comes in real slow and leads the vocals in beautifully. This is definitely the sort of song I’d be loving, but you wouldn’t know it from the convulsing style dancing I’d 100% be engaging in. Think about how good this song is, not about how undeniably poor I am at dancing (I can lift people on my shoulders, if that’s any sort of redeeming factor?).

September – Earth, Wind and Fire

God knows why this became such a massive thing for two of my mates from Lyon, but also it’s totally understandable because this is an outstanding track. No words can really do it justice, so go out and smash this at the end.

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