Graveyard of Dreams – Joseph Pagano

At least the weather is nice

At least the weather is nice

It’s a rare day when my old man is forwarding me music. It’s even rarer still when it’s not Led Zeppelin and it is perhaps most rare when it’s something that I genuinely like. But today is that day and this is an absolute gem of an EP.

There’s something beautifully engaging about Joseph Pagano’s first release. An undeniable honesty and a clear love for the craft flows out every second of the seven track record. This is perhaps unsurprising when you read from Pagano how may of these songs came to be. The real experiences that inspire the tracks instil the real emotions that define the record. This is an EP with a number of stand out moments, most notably the title track, Graveyard of Dreams, which feels like a quintessential piece of Americana, full of alternative rock charm. But there is also the adorable Little Girls which is just staggeringly cute (seriously, listening to Pagano’s daughter speaking at the end of the song is the sweetest) and the very strong instrumental The Sounds of Life which is my favourite moment of the record. All in, this is a charming debut EP, stuffed full with love and life and worth anyone’s ears.

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