Better Off Without You – Summer Camp

It's tough to sound as cool as this photo is, but they do

It’s tough to sound as cool as this photo is, but they do

Tuesdays can be tough, It’s forecast to rain literally non stop here, and Florence is slightly less ridiculously stunning in the rain… I realise I lost all sympathy there, but this song should get you all back on my side.

I’m a  little late to the Summer Camp party. I actually downloaded this song a while back, but only recently got properly into it, and God knows why I wasn’t more on it. This married couple of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey have a real old school vibe about them, and it’s show cased beautifully here on Better Off Without You. 

Those first few bars set the tone, and Sankey’s voice gives off the perfect tone for this song. Their name really makes sense, because this does just make me think of Summer. The video is in exactly the same vein. I have this really idealised vision of the American Summer Vacation, and have spent many an afternoon wistfully wishing I was a character in any of the big high school American Summer films. With this song, I can feel like I am at least for a couple of minutes, out there caked in American sunshine and chilling Ferris Bueller style.

Editor’s note: Michael here. This song is fantastic and so perfectly adolescent. Thanks El!

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