Lana Del Rey releases new track; summer allowed to start officially


This one album-a-year cycle comes naturally to LDR. Do you remember when everyone loved LDR for a hot two seconds after ‘Videogames’, then proceeded to tease the new kid for like, two years, then realized – upon the release of Paradise and Ultraviolence – she was actually just really good? Lana rode out that rollercoaster in an anaesthetised summer daze, probably wearing a red party dress with her done up. But the mass-cultural confidence now imbued in her seems to have done her good; the first track off Honeymoon is a sweeping, almost-daring first release. It isn’t much of a lead single, but it’s a beautiful mission statement. When things get going, and Lana’s vocals – at their most flexible here – slip into the lyrics, ‘There are violets in your eyes, / There are guns that blaze around you’, it feels like home, it feels like summer.

Bonus feature: For LDR’s effect on the mainstream proper, look up Taylor Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’, and Selena Gomez’s ‘Good For You’. Both are sultry excellence:


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