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It’s summer once again, and we’re all busy populating our playlists with music to listen to as we drive out to the beach or stretch out in hammocks. If you’re still listening to last year’s 30 Songs for Summer and are wondering what the rest of the world might be listening to, just whip out your mobile phone.

Because mobile internet is now the most powerful trend on the internet landscape, as reported by operators of online bingo brand Iceland Bingo, more and more developers are quickly bringing their services to mobile markets. With apps being so convenient and easy to use and navigate, they’re becoming the popular choice, especially for music fans eager to discover new tunes.

Typically, people would search for new bands by visiting or a similar website, which would introduce them to new talent with similar music to their favourite artists. Those who just want to look for set playlists, however, go to 8tracks. 8tracks has become popular as place where just about anyone can create and share their own playlists, and many music fans who want to promote bands or just create a collection of themed music have gone to the site to do so.

8tracks organises its playlists based on genres, moods, artists, or themes, and these are all accessible via a quick search function. Just think of them as tags, which help you find the playlist you’re looking for in a jiff. The service also automatically suggests tags that can help refine your search, so doing a search for “summer” doesn’t just give you access to 64,000+ user-created playlists, the site will even bring up additional tags like “chill” or “indie” so you can find just what you’re looking for. 8tracks radio has been a great resource for those wanting to expand their knowledge in the most obscure music genres, and since 8tracks has its own mobile app that’s available on multiple platforms, you can listen to perfect summer tunes anywhere and anytime you like.

Here are some of the best Summer 2015 playlists on 8tracks:

2015 summer listens from jojothongk on 8tracks Radio.

Bikinis, Beaches, and Beats from NicoleBarrett22 on 8tracks Radio.

2015 summer party ? from chlorines on 8tracks Radio.

Summer 2015 from nadialatter on 8tracks Radio.

Summer hits 2015 from Vanessa143 on 8tracks Radio.


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