The Weeknd’s album was released today


This post isn’t even about her.

Do you follow Lana Del Rey on Instagram? You should, because she’s adorable. This morning, she grammed a photo of The Weeknd (because they have a collaboration on his new album – more of that in the next sentence – and cross promotion is great) saying: ‘Proud of you Angel, and our track XO’. She’s proud because The Weekend’s new album was released today and he’s managed to send a song about cocaine addiction to the top of the Billboard charts. She’s never done that; her highest charting single was a remix about loving someone for an entire summer and being sad about it. Anyway, the real achievement of ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ (clearly not its title because yeesh) is that The Weeknd has jumped from mixtape to pop faster than Taylor Swift leapt from the country bandwagon to glistening 80s songs about loving the single life in NYC. If you had told me a year ago – actually even a month ago – that Ed Sheeran would be featured on The Weeknd’s new album, I would have probably have been like … ‘as a producer, right? Not as an actual featured artist?’. And I would have been wrong. Their collaboration – called ‘Dark Times’ because what else do you associate with Ed Sheeran? – is, in my opinion, dreadful. Here’s what you should listen to on this album, in list order: ‘Often’, ‘In The Night’, ‘The Hills’, ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Can’t Feel My Face’. Would it have been so hard to get a sultry Selena Gomez? Seriously, think on that.



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