How Kanye Bested Jay-Z This Summer

This summer has seen a number of interesting music releases, from the much-hyped debut of Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories," to the return of Black Sabbath. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of these releases has been the direct competition between friends and "Watch The Throne" collaborators Jay-Z and Kanye West. With both releasing albums this summer - "Yeezus" by … [Read more...]

LIVE: Mumford & Sons @ Le Trianon

  This post was written by a guest writer (and our old school mate) Ed Benson. He's in Paris, saving the world. You can (and should!) follow him on his twitter account: The_Ed_Benson. Theatrical setting, UK folk rock megastars and a small, intimate audience? We are definitely not in England anymore. We’re in the heart of Paris, anglophobic to the core, where … [Read more...]

2012’s Best (And Worst) Trends

Oh boy, there was some stuff in 2012. And lots of that stuff can stay the hell in 2012. Ubiquitous four to the floor tracks, annoygin vocal ticks and Emeli Sande got on our writers' nerves this year. But as ever we liked a lot, too. In fact, 2012 was a bumper year for trends. R&B's landscape was redefined, artists returned second albums that didn't suck (easier said than … [Read more...]

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2012 Countdown: Our Videos Of The Year

Videos continued to grow in importance in 2012 thanks to the ever-growing reliance on the internet as a means of distribution. And if that sounds like a lazy way for artists to hawk their music, it's not. Every video on this list is on a creative par with the song upon which it's based. There'll always be lazy tie-ins - 'hey, we made a video so like it and buy the record … [Read more...]

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2012 Countdown: Our Artists Of The Year

Where's an artist's place in the music industry of 2012? Increasingly, pop-stars, indie bands and rappers are filtered through Twitter feeds, Instagram feeds and Facebook feeds so it's hard to know just how candid everything is. Do they take that many drugs? Are they having that much sex? Do we really care that much? The answer to all three of these questions is probably yes … [Read more...]

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