6 Bands Whose Sound Changed For The Better

Henry: Second chances are my favourite type of chances; there's no feeling quite like making good on a second chance. It's also satisfying when you decide to give something a second chance and it turns out OK. Imagine if you'd quit Selfie after its pilot. You'd have missed this! Imagine if you'd've bailed on Happy Endings because its first season was a little sketch. You've … [Read more...]

Graveyard of Dreams – Joseph Pagano

It's a rare day when my old man is forwarding me music. It's even rarer still when it's not Led Zeppelin and it is perhaps most rare when it's something that I genuinely like. But today is that day and this is an absolute gem of an EP. … [Read more...]

8 Best Clubbing Songs for the Summer

Michael: Good morning everyone and apologies for our absence from the blogging game for the last couple of weeks but we been busy yo! I've been sick and umm.. Henry? Henry: I almost wish I could have kept what Michael had written here originally but I don't want to be arrested. M: Okay cool thanks for that mate. This post is a few days late as a result of me being bed … [Read more...]

Talking Bushstock 2014

Henry: I have listened to a lot of Coldplay this week. I do not know what is up with me. I do know that it is the first you commented on when you got in my car though and that is why I feel self-conscious about my love for Chris Martin. How are you Mikey? Michael: I mean, they're Coldplay Henry. You shouldn't need me to make you feel self-conscious for listening to them, you … [Read more...]

Your Spring Break Revision Playlist

I haven't been seen on these fair, indie-blog, shores for too long and I apologise. The rigours and stresses of a university student have hit me hard this last month or so and Can You Hear This, and you the readers, have suffered as a result. So let me pay you pack with a brand new eclectic mix to help you get through the next few weeks ahead of some big time exams. (P.S. I am … [Read more...]