Albums to buy in 2014

Henry: Sorry we're late on the upstart but we're here now. And that's pretty much all that matters. We're talking you through which albums to buy in 2014 - whether they're new, or you just might have forgotten about a few. There might even be a single or two. I know. Wild. Michael: Yep super sorry, we've barely shown ourselves for the last month due to other stuff (that's as … [Read more...]

Your Winter Playlist

Henry: Welcome back. Not much has changed except England is now freezing which means only one thing: You can't listen to all that stuff we've already posted about. Michael: I've been missing for the past few weeks so let me say that I'm very happy to be back and assure you that I've attempted to use the time productively (my ultimate team has gotten crazy good). Neko … [Read more...]

The biggest musical disappointments

Henry: Happy Hallowe'en. Get ready for an awkward segue: Don't you think it's scary how bad bands you love can turn out to be? Positively spooky.  Michael: I'm shivering at the thought of listening to the third Kooks album. … [Read more...]

Fall’s New Music

Henry: Sorry folks for the delay but we are back. And back for good. And gosh there's a lot of new stuff out there y'all. So we decided to run through it for you guys, sorting through the good, bad and the mediocre. First things first Crewe, what the hell's going on with Donald Glover? Michael: Whatever. After he bailed on Community, I don't know I can ever forgive him. I've … [Read more...]

The Best Freshers Music

Henry: Sorry for last week's non-entry; I was on vacation, Michael was back at university. We lead busy lifestyles and we don't apologise for nothing. Except for that one. How was your summer, Michael? Michael: It was bloody rad thank you. Freshers week has exposed to me that summer is not ideal for my alcohol tolerance though so good luck with that in October Henry. H: … [Read more...]