12 Songs To Get You To Do Anything



Henry: Like Grouplove’s second album, summer promised so much: Late nights, fisherman knits and tan. But I’m pretty sure I’m dying right now. I had two late, late (but awesome, awesome) nights on Thursday and Friday and I think I’m being punished by the universe or something because all I’ve eaten since Saturday is fruit and juice and it’s not working. I literally just fell asleep for four hours in the middle of the day. How’s your current state, Mikey?

Michael: I’ve had a truly wild summer. Made it out of the house once in the last week to pick up my brother’s dry cleaning. That’s it. That’s literally what how the sunniest week of this summer so far went for me. Tonsillitis is a bummer. I made it to my summer ball though, alcohol was not the best medicine.

H: Point being: We’re both pretty wild. And sometimes you just have to down a beetroot smoothie (#rebooturself), blast a good song (#tune) and get a grip (#GAG). These are the songs that’ll get that done. They’re like Starbucks but come without the crippling self-loathing of buying cardboard-coffee just because some kid from L.A bought it in a film.

Other stuff: Lots of songs from our ‘30 Songs of the Summer‘ may be applicable here but they were also quite a lot about love and that confuses me so let’s try and not think about it as much this post. Also see Allie X’s ‘Prime’ from our ‘Summer Party Songs‘ which literally kickstarts my every day. It’s so good and gets cleverer every time I listen to it.

M: I’m so proud that I can take responsibility for discovering the next big pop star/next pop star that Henry loves. Allie X will dominate airwaves for years to come, trust us on this.

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Your Spring Break Revision Playlist

Henry and his new pal

I haven’t been seen on these fair, indie-blog, shores for too long and I apologise. The rigours and stresses of a university student have hit me hard this last month or so and Can You Hear This, and you the readers, have suffered as a result. So let me pay you pack with a brand new eclectic mix to help you get through the next few weeks ahead of some big time exams. (P.S. I am also sending the biggest load of love to Henry who is ill at the moment out in Malaysia – feel free to drop him a grammatically-correct email of support at henry@canyouhearthis.co.uk) [Read more…]

Albums to buy in 2014


This was our first photo of 2014. It might also be James Blake’s new album cover.

Henry: Sorry we’re late on the upstart but we’re here now. And that’s pretty much all that matters. We’re talking you through which albums to buy in 2014 – whether they’re new, or you just might have forgotten about a few. There might even be a single or two. I know. Wild.

Michael: Yep super sorry, we’ve barely shown ourselves for the last month due to other stuff (that’s as much detail as I would like to give) but we’re ready to make it up to you now. Lucky you right?

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Your Winter Playlist


Henry: Welcome back. Not much has changed except England is now freezing which means only one thing: You can’t listen to all that stuff we’ve already posted about.

Michael: I’ve been missing for the past few weeks so let me say that I’m very happy to be back and assure you that I’ve attempted to use the time productively (my ultimate team has gotten crazy good).

Neko Case

H: I’ve been listening to Neko Case a lot lately. Her latest album is popping up in end-of year lists all over the place (which are funny things they’re mostly reactions to what everyone’s been listening to the whole year so that when  people  feel embarrassed that they spent all summer listening to Lorde, they suddenly put down some random artist they found in November. Which is a long way of saying, Neko Case is great but if you didn’t notice a ton of coverage when she released ‘The Worse Things Get…’ but find it everyone now is precisely because it wasn’t noticed at first.) But whatever, this is great stuff – not too sappy for Christmas but more thoughtful than tropic-pop for all those cold afternoons by the fire (I don’t know your life) – so listen:

The Naked And Famous

H: I feel this is almost an ICYMI – I find it very difficult to gauge just how popular certain indie-rock bands are at any point – but you must check out TNAF’s latest album. I caught them live and they were brilliant; crazy energy, crazy vocals. And their new material is remarkable. It’s less edgy but more sophisticated and the result is singles like Hearts Like Ours which are rousing and catchy. Kinda like how Arcade Fire used to be:

M: Yeah, Reflektor bummed me out too. I won’t pretend to know what ICYMI means but I loved In Rolling Waves earlier this year. They’ve had to cancel loads of their gigs in their UK tour so you’re on of the lucky ones Henry, I would have killed for those tickets.

The Naked And Famous – Hearts Like Ours

Ben Howard

M: I get that this is very old but Ben’s Burgh Island EP has been the core of my winter playlist this year. As pleasant as his first LP was, Burgh Island has some really beautiful moments scattered amongst the usual singer/song-writer fanfare. Oats in the Water is a dark and intense piece of music that belongs on your playlist for this quiet and lonely winter mornings by the fire. That said, cheer up, it’s Christmas time.


M: If you want to cheer up,Thumpers is the way to go. I’ve listened to their first three singles probably a total of 250 times in the space of a week so yeah… the songs are good. The duo are from the ill-fated Pull Tiger Tail and have made some tunes that are incredibly catchy and a lovely throwback to my fave era of music (LSP’s era FYI).


The biggest musical disappointments

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 20.21.58

Henry: Happy Hallowe’en. Get ready for an awkward segue: Don’t you think it’s scary how bad bands you love can turn out to be? Positively spooky. 

Michael: I’m shivering at the thought of listening to the third Kooks album.

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Fall’s New Music

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 23.53.16

Henry: Sorry folks for the delay but we are back. And back for good. And gosh there’s a lot of new stuff out there y’all. So we decided to run through it for you guys, sorting through the good, bad and the mediocre. First things first Crewe, what the hell’s going on with Donald Glover?

Michael: Whatever. After he bailed on Community, I don’t know I can ever forgive him. I’ve been ill for two weeks so maybe I’m just grumpy, I did like Bed Peace after all. Anyway, I’m back now and ready to reflect on some medium to outstanding music from this fall.

H: Yep. Outstanding is a fairly subjective term round here. Summer is over (we all had a high time stomping around the globe) but if you want to re-live it, here’s a list of our picks for the summer part 1 and part 2. 

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The Best Freshers Music


Henry: Sorry for last week’s non-entry; I was on vacation, Michael was back at university. We lead busy lifestyles and we don’t apologise for nothing. Except for that one. How was your summer, Michael?

Michael: It was bloody rad thank you. Freshers week has exposed to me that summer is not ideal for my alcohol tolerance though so good luck with that in October Henry.

H: But as we’re all back at uni, or headed there anyway, we thought it would be a good time to run through the best music for your Freshers week. People are going to be awkward, drinks are going to taste bad, so your music might as week be decent.

M: Yep, freshers week wouldn’t be freshers week without the thousands of new students trying desperately hard to impress all their mates. So why not get a headstart on those goons and have your desperately impressive freshers playlist ready to go before you get there.

Dark Horse – Katy Perry ft. Juicy J

H: So let’s get pre-drinks going. This is the sexiest Katy Perry has sounded in years; her vocals keel back and forth so sultrily over the trap beat you wonder why she’s never experimented with such an urban sound before. The chorus’ rise surges in all the right ways to get people, ahem, going but the post-chorus anti-climax means this belongs firmly in your dorm room. Wait for the remix when you want to hit the floor.

M: Katy sounds DAMN sexy in this. It’s definitely too chill for hitting the dance floor but this is pretty cool stuff for Katy to be doing right night, experimental and pretty bold, it’s a rad song for anyone struggling to defend their position on loving KP (ie. me).

H: Too rad.

Katy Perry- Dark Horse Feat Juicy J

Million Dollar Bills – Lorde (GIRL)

H: Lorde is probably the new LDR in terms of song to remix ratio and that’s okay by me. Her vocals aren’t as flexible under studio settings but her grity wit gives her an edge. This has to get you tipsy dancing, stat.

M: I really liked Tennis Court earlier this year but this (very) different tune is even better. Get ready to start swaying after that first bottle of white/lambrini.

I Love It – Icona Pop  (ALEEBRA)

H: Every time I think I have had enough of this song, I hear it blasting in a car with a group of friends and realise I just haven’t. This remix serves its purpose in keeping it just recognisable enough for all underexposed kids from like, Yorkshire but adding a beat that means you can enjoy it, too.

M: I constantly tell people not to put this on when they flick through my playlist but when they inevitably do, I don’t hate it as much as I think I’m going to. That’s probably the most positive I can be about a song that’s playcount must be in the thousands. Thankfully the remix gives just enough of change up that I won’t have to stamp on my speakers next time this song comes on.

H: Then bloody take it off your playlist.

The Sunken Bells of Ibiza – Lissat & Voltaxx

M: Seeing as I have already had my freshers, I have the benefit of being able to draw from some of the best music my mates have managed to get on before I kick them off the speakers. This sweet ass drop subverts the stereotypes of EDM in all the right ways to give you a perfect song to get your new pals vibing.

H: This is neat – the drop kisses a sweet, sweet spot and it rises just when you need it to. Are bell sounds going to be an official thing in EDM now? I kinda-maybe hope so.

M: If it means I don’t have to endure Christian’s deafening bass every second of the day it will make my life.

Lissat & Voltaxx – The Sunken Bells Of Ibiza (short version)

Animals – Martin Garrix

M: 17 year old Martin Garrix is a good couple of years younger than us and has already accomplished so much more than we ever will based on this song alone. 20 million YouTube views and the drop of the summer, you have to hear it.

Martin Garrix – Animals (Official Video)

Tsunami – DVBBS & Borgeous

M: I’ve been a massive supporter of DVBBS over the past eighteen months and cannot express how stoked I am that they are BLOWING UP RIGHT NOW! You’re going to hear that ridonculous drop everywhere you go over the next couple of months and love it every single time. Definitely one to crank up your bass and get people raging.

H: Oh these guys are the bomb. They deserve every tweet/like headed their way because they’re bound to chance upon the hit that makes them huge soon. It only takes one Glee cover … (mild joke).

DVBBS & Borgeous – TSUNAMI (Original Mix)