8 Best Clubbing Songs for the Summer

Going cray to Sub Focus

Michael: Good morning everyone and apologies for our absence from the blogging game for the last couple of weeks but we been busy yo! I've been sick and umm.. Henry? Henry: I almost wish I could have kept what Michael had written here originally but I don't want to be arrested. M: Okay cool thanks for that mate. This post is a few days late as a result of me being bed … [Read more...]

Things You Should Actually Listen To This Summer

Lana + emojis = life

    Henry: Hey. Sorry for the absence; we both took a trip to Copenhahen (So. Much. Blonde), Michael is now interning to learn more about Capitalism and I am relaxing in Tuscany to learn more about Myself. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we both compiled posts for your summer playlists (available here and here) and I've listened to those lists a good amount … [Read more...]

Summer Party Songs


Henry: Do you like summer? Do you like parties? Cool. Michael: Do you like the heat? Do you overly loud music? Cool. Here are the songs you need. Here's our list of 30 songs that are summer-approriate but that you don't have to be p@rtYin' to listen to. … [Read more...]

30 Songs for the Summer

We're about to go all sunny on you

Henry: It is legitimately almost summer. My friend ordered an iced coffee the other day; I have considered wearing shorts. That can only mean one thing: We write a lot about the summer. A brief history - of last year alone! - for the forgetful: Michael and I ran down '25 Songs That Will Get You Pumped For Summer' (still applicable, I would re-think The 1975 though). We … [Read more...]

Talking Bushstock 2014


Henry: I have listened to a lot of Coldplay this week. I do not know what is up with me. I do know that it is the first you commented on when you got in my car though and that is why I feel self-conscious about my love for Chris Martin. How are you Mikey? Michael: I mean, they're Coldplay Henry. You shouldn't need me to make you feel self-conscious for listening to them, you … [Read more...]