Same Damn Time – Beat Connection

If warm sun rays aren't glossing your face right now, perhaps Beat Connection can help. A 3-piece electronic outfit from Seattle, WA, Beat Connection craft serious dream-laden melodies. 'Same Damn Time' is a heady slow dive into an ethereal summer; an airy, tricked out blend just as melodic as it is futuristic. Straddling that happy medium between chill and upbeat, it's a … [Read more...]

The 10 Best Hangover Songs

M: So no surprises for guessing where my inspiration for this post came from. Saturday night was one of my best/worst nights in history. H: Tell us alllllll what happened. Actually, just Whatsapp me because I too, feel slightly delicate after a fairly heavy weekend of drinking (I had two wedding ceremonies). M: So anyway, I delved into my iTunes and built the perfect … [Read more...]

The Week’s New Releases – Vol. 3

This week has seen Egypt descend into a political-hatred fuelled war zone and Jeremy Paxman grow a beard, so if you've had enough of all these gruesome images and coverage then here are five pieces of pure joy in aural form to get you through the next seven days: 1) Kwes - "36" I like to think of Kwes as a musical teddy bear; singing in his soft falsetto and producing … [Read more...]

Interview: Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Fresh off of an astounding public reaction to his debut single, Vapour, Tim Bettinson or Vancouver Sleep Clinic catches up with us as he prepares to release more material. … [Read more...]

The Week’s New Releases – Vol. 1

Ammar: Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many weekly features where I shepherd you musically-inclined folk to the tastiest gems of the past week's new releases. I'll try and cover as broad a range of music as possible, as long as I actually listen to the stuff, and traverse across the popularity spectrum (from Rihanna to 'that amazing post-punk-grunge '90s band that were … [Read more...]