Last night Drake's label's newest talent PARTYNEXTDOOR released his self-titled debut album. Having only previously dropped two tracks, the finer details of the album were shrouded in mystery before the release, though the two songs did seem to reveal a lot about PARTYNEXTDOOR's sound. There are a lot of things that I love about this album and some things that I … [Read more...]

After Monday comes Tunesday: Songs Recently on Repeat

I understand if you're upset with me, really I do. I don't deserve you. How can I expect to leave for so long and come back like nothing happened? The answer is: health. Sometimes health has to take a priority over music (shocking I know), but I hope you can forgive me as with my return I am convinced you will find some gorgeous new tunes to help you get over pain in your heart … [Read more...]

Julian – Say Lou Lou

I'm excited by these two lovely ladies. The two Swedes have just released their new track Julian, and I've already played it... let's see... 36 times. Following the success that Bastille and The 1975 are currently experiencing after we knew it would happen all along, perhaps it's best to listen to us, eh? … [Read more...]

Time To Kill – Gold & Youth

  Winter is almost over. It's one of those things where it was exciting going into it and then we had Christmas and New Years Eve, and after that I was ready to see the sun once more. What better way to welcome in Spring with a gloriously youthful tune from Gold & Youth? … [Read more...]

Only You Can Show Me – Goldroom

  My Summer holidays are booked, and I managed not to fail one of my French modules today. Time to sit back and daydream for the next 6 hours about summer, with this as my soundtrack. … [Read more...]