Pre-LIVE : Disclosure hosted by Red Bull @ Great Suffolk Street Warehouse

  This Friday March 8th, Red Bull are hosting another one of their famous musical events, this time graced with the presence of a pair I have been following for a while, Disclosure, all to celebrate the arrival of some delicious new flavours of their energy drink. Let's say hello to Cranberry, Lime, and Blueberry, all with the same great effects as regular Red Bull. … [Read more...]

With Warrior, Ke$ha becomes one of the pop’s most credible recording artists.

When did that happen? … [Read more...]

Billy Joe Armstrong checked into rehab

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Music-Related Smart Phone Apps

Smart phones continue to expand and improve in ways that are becoming difficult to predict, but one of the most steadily fantastic things about them is the increased access to music they provide. Being able to listen to music on your mobile phone is not necessarily a new concept for most people, but there are newer capabilities that are very exciting for music fans. For … [Read more...]

Will Justin Bieber Ever Achieve That Number One?

Why can't the biggest male pop star in the world fill a position previously held by the Baha Men?  … [Read more...]