Runaround Sue – Dion

Dion DiMucci is an absolute legend in the music world. I'm ashamed to say, however, that I wasn't really aware of this until the other day. While looking at some old G-Eazy music, I realised I knew the loop from somewhere. With about 12 seconds of research, I realised that the classic Runaround Sue was by Dion. And it truly is a classic. … [Read more...]

The Nines: Songs To Get Down & Dirty To

This is a seriously tough category. Everyone has their own tastes and types of music that they like to get down to. The aims of this playlist are to provide you with some good tunes to get you in the mood, and to get your comments on what you would put on this list. God knows the world needs more sex songs. … [Read more...]

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Please Forgive My Heart – Bobby Womack

The eighteen years since Womack's last solo recording have seen him go through severe drug addiction, cancer scares and the break up of numerous relationships - luckily, it's provided for some classic songwriting and a well-deserved return to notoriety. … [Read more...]

Na Na Na – Buxter Hoot’n

San Franciscan natives continue to wow with new EP. Let's pretend it's an album and do a review: … [Read more...]

California – Oh Laura

Oh Laura hit up California. Summer awaits. … [Read more...]