A Special September: Some of This Month’s Best Tunes

For most of us September means school. Which means work. Which means a lot less fun. We can however take comfort in the fact that this month could be one of the most fruitful months for music in recent memory. With The 1975 already having released their debut album and The Weeknd providing us with his sophomore effort, some people (like me) might actually have the problem that … [Read more...]

6 absolute gems from the final O.C album

1) California - Mates of State It's hard to cover an iconic song. And it's weirder when your cover is being featured on the show that made the original song iconic. But you've got to hand it to Mates of State for adding their signature light touch to the indie-rock-pop song. While we're at it: Phantom Planet are the bomb. I used to listen to The Guest over and over. And … [Read more...]

6 reasons The Great Gatsby might just be too big to fail

I don't normally get nervous about film releases but ... I'm nervous about The Great Gatsby. Because the source material is seriously great - and great in a way that's sometimes underplayed because it's so 'I read this at school and I just so love the green light metaphor' - and previous adaptations have been ... well, they've been made. And there's just been so much publicity … [Read more...]

Get Lucky – Daughter

While all the buzz is around the return of Daft Punk and their big new summer tune, Daughter offers their own twist on the tune in a typically Daughter heart wrenching style. … [Read more...]

4 reasons why Jimmy Fallon music is the best

So I've recently become pretty obsessed with Jimmy Fallon, and in particular his always amazing musical skits. Check out why these are a chat show revelation. … [Read more...]