The Best Freshers Music

Henry: Sorry for last week's non-entry; I was on vacation, Michael was back at university. We lead busy lifestyles and we don't apologise for nothing. Except for that one. How was your summer, Michael? Michael: It was bloody rad thank you. Freshers week has exposed to me that summer is not ideal for my alcohol tolerance though so good luck with that in October Henry. H: … [Read more...]

A Special September: Some of This Month’s Best Tunes

For most of us September means school. Which means work. Which means a lot less fun. We can however take comfort in the fact that this month could be one of the most fruitful months for music in recent memory. With The 1975 already having released their debut album and The Weeknd providing us with his sophomore effort, some people (like me) might actually have the problem that … [Read more...]

9 Best Summer Party Songs

Henry: Michael, how are you finding popular culture this summer? I was pleasantly surprised by The Wolverine when we saw it - and it seems everyone else was too. Michael: To be perfectly honest, I've missed more than I should. I'm fairly sure I'm the last person on Earth not to have seen Man of Steel! That said, Wolverine was much better than I expected and I've been loving … [Read more...]

Airglow Fires – Lone

He may look like he works at PC World, but Lone is one of England's  finest producers, and after the noodly odyssey that was 2012's 'Galaxy Garden', he's back with a follow up on old favourites R&S. … [Read more...]

Soliloquy – Zomby

Moody producer and all-round anonymous electronic craftsman Zomby is back with his third record 'With Love' later this year. Check out one of the newly released singles from it below: … [Read more...]